We’re killing our kids with kind­ness – and junk food

It’s not nor­mal – or healthy – for a child to be over­weight Chil­dren are get­ting fat, and it’s killing them. You might not like what has to say, but it could save a life

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As a GP, I look at over­weight chil­dren and think in 20 to 40 years’ time there is a big chance that child may de­velop Type 2 di­a­betes, heart dis­ease and even cancer.

Yes cancer is linked to obe­sity! Not only are chil­dren heav­ier th­ese days, they are also far more in­ac­tive.

Look­ing at it fi­nan­cially, we are en­ter­ing an epi­demic of obe­sity dis­eases such as Type 2 di­a­betes which will crip­ple the NHS.

Please, please read this ar­ti­cle and take on board the points for the sake of your chil­dren.

We all want our chil­dren to at­tain the best in life but, even more im­por­tant than ed­u­ca­tion, the health of your child is of para­mount im­por­tance.

Al­though I may of­fend you, it is not nor­mal for a child to be over­weight. Re­ally to make par­ents no­tice, I should use the word fat.

There are two main rea­sons why chil­dren (and adults) are now so obese – eat­ing way too much sugar and pro­cessed foods, and lack of ac­tiv­ity.

The food in­dus­try es­pe­cially tar­gets chil­dren with high calo­rie foods.

It is re­ally hard to not be in­flu­enced by the food in­dus­try but you must stop giv­ing chil­dren sug­ary drinks, fruit juices, choco­lates, ice cream and crisps on a reg­u­lar ba­sis.

There are so many birth­day par­ties chil­dren get in­vited to which are full of junk food. Par­ents bring ‘lovely’ treats to school. I know it’s hard but you are ‘Killing your Kids with Kind­ness’.

If your child has tooth de­cay and has to have fill­ings the only cause is sugar. If the teeth are be­ing killed, what do you think sugar is do­ing to the rest of the body? Stop and ask your­self that ques­tion.

The sec­ond prob­lem, of in­ac­tiv­ity, is due to the use of cars in­stead of walk­ing, lack of space for chil­dren to play out­side, ex­cess use of iPads, phones, TV, X Box, Nin­tendo and the lack of time par­ents are able to spend with their chil­dren and get­ting them to en­gage in the real world.

We have the iphone gen­er­a­tion who will grow up not be­ing able to com­mu­ni­cate with the real world and en­joy na­ture, but who will have psy­cho­log­i­cal prob­lems due to too much screen time.

Ban phones, iPads at week­ends or af­ter a cer­tain time. Chil­dren will play the old fash­ioned way. In­volve them in sport. Take them on na­ture walks. Get them rid­ing their bike. Go back to how we played as chil­dren.

My wish would be for all schools to ban junk food in­clud- ing fruit juice and take up the daily mile ini­tia­tive.

We all need to ur­gently look at our chil­dren and ask our­selves ‘Are we giv­ing them the health­i­est start in life?’

Please go to the Kent County Coun­cil web­sites for ideas to help your fam­ily to get health­ier.

Dr Sa­hota is di­a­betic lead for the Dart­ford, Grave­sham and Swan­ley Clin­i­cal Com­mis­sion­ing Group, KCC obe­sity cham­pion and Mem­ber of the Health and Well­be­ing board. You can fol­low him on Twit­ter @sa­ho­ta_m or Face­book – search for preven­tion med­i­cal prac­tice.

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Man­pin­der Singh Sa­hota, of Pel­ham Med­i­cal Prac­tice, talks about the im­pact of child­hood obe­sity

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Dr Sa­hota says there are two main rea­sons why so many chil­dren – and adults – are now obese

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