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There has been quite a lot of neg­a­tive com­ments about the new Lit­tle & Of­ten buses re­cently and I thought it would be a good idea to jump to their de­fence.

The one ad­van­tage they have over the “big” buses is that they can eas­ily nip round ob­sta­cles and ob­struc­tions in the road. It only takes a badly parked car or a de­liv­ery ve­hi­cle parked in the wrong place which means the “big” bus can’t get through, caus­ing chaos and de­lays to the timetable for the rest of the day. This is par­tic­u­larly true on the nar­row roads around the Willes­bor­ough and Ken­ning­ton hous­ing es­tates.

My wife and I use the C & G lines reg­u­larly. A cou­ple of months ago the 6pm G Line ser­vice from Glad­stone Road was de­layed for a record 25 min­utes, no doubt for the rea­sons above.

The new Routemas­ters in­tro­duced in London had the same ven­ti­la­tion prob­lems – the de­sign­ers for­got to put in the air slots in the win­dows which meant all the buses had to be taken out of ser­vice to have ven­ti­la­tion slots in­stalled. Hope­fully Stage­coach will do the same with ev­ery win­dow in the new Lit­tle & Of­ten buses.

An­other fac­tor in their favour is that they op­er­ate a latenight ser­vice to town ev­ery day of the week. My wife and I came out the lo­cal deaf club at 10pm in town. We only had to wait 10 min­utes for a C line Lit­tle & Of­ten ser­vice back to Willes­bor­ough. Ob­vi­ously they do get full pretty quickly but you only have to wait five min­utes for the next one and most of the time they travel around in pairs any­way. Brian Jack­son Cud­worth Road South, Willes­bor­ough and in the op­po­site di­rec­tion, aro­mas from the what the school­child­ren re­ferred to as the ‘Cuppa-soup’ (Batch­e­lors) and ‘Stinks’ (Gi­vau­dan per­fume) fac­to­ries. So why the sur­prise? Since we is­sued that warn­ing, con­sid­er­ing the mas­sive in­crease in through-put, the aro­mas from any of the plants in ques­tion seem to have abated some­what.

What do peo­ple ex­pect when the huge wastewater treat­ment plant is al­most as a cen­tral fea­ture of our town?

At least the res­i­dents of Lit­tle Bur­ton Farm and Ken­ning­ton are able to tell which way the wind is blow­ing by sim­ply sniff­ing the air, as will those hun­dreds of ex­tra peo­ple mov­ing to new prop­er­ties pro­posed for the Con­ning­brook area.

What use is a pub­lic meet­ing? The dam­age is al­ready done, and it can only get worse. Ted Prangnell Ken­ning­ton

Pic­ture: Molly Mile­ham-Chappell FM4683662

Lit­tle & Of­ten minibuses in Bank Street

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