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Afew weeks ago the Ken­tish Ex­press re­ported on our former ed­i­tor Sir Charles Ig­gles­den, and how his­to­rian Mal­colm Hor­ton is com­pil­ing a fi­nal vol­ume of Sir Charles’ jour­neys around Kent.

Our erst­while former ed­i­tor was a reporter and ed­i­tor of the pa­per for decades and some­how man­aged to fit in reg­u­lar re­ports from Ken­tish vil­lages along with his crick­et­ing and other sport­ing prow­ess.

But one word from Mr Hor­ton’s re­port in By­gone Kent mag­a­zine re­ally caught the eye and that word was pere­gri­na­tion.

It is a won­der­ful, though slightly Vic­to­rian sound­ing word and it doesn’t have any­thing to do with pere­grine fal­cons.

When we saw it, we were scram­bling for our dic­tio­nar­ies to check the mean­ing of the word, and ap­par­ently it means a slow, me­an­der­ing jour­ney or saunter.

So it was very fit­ting for Sir Charles’ pic­turesque jour­neys and for this col­umn. Per­haps our read­ers can think of a few other old fash­ioned words which no longer make it into print?

On the sub­ject of pere­gri­na­tions, one can al­ways en­counter some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent while out on a bi­cy­cle and that is cer­tainly true for Ted Prangnell. The vet­eran cy­clist and reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor to our let­ters page al­ways finds some strange sights while he is out and about.

Sadly he fre­quently en­coun­ters ev­i­dence of fly­tip­ping, and it ranges from the weird to the won­der­ful.

Last year he told us about a witch’s duck­ing stool which was dumped in a field near Hinx­hill. Or per­haps the chair had a kinkier use.

Then last month he re­ported find­ing a toi­let dumped in a park off Faver­sham Road and Northum­ber­land Av­enue in Ken­ning­ton.

He said: “Ken­ning­ton is blessed with pleasant green open spa­ces. How­ever, some­one must think we need ev­ery con­ve­nience. Not just so that dogs can do what they have to, but hu­man be­ings too. Lit­ter can take all shapes and sizes.”

Mean­while in an­other of his pere­gri­na­tions, Mr Prangnell dis­cov­ered an in­cor­rectly spelled road sign at the junc­tion of Etchen­den and Ninn Lane near Great Chart.

He said: “Know­ing our coun­cil’s record I would imag­ine that they can see noth­ing wrong with it, or is it a de­lib­er­ate at­tempt to con­fuse the en­emy?”

Per­haps some of our read­ers have also seen some in­cor­rect road signs around Ash­ford.

If you do, make sure you re­port it to Kent County Coun­cil High­ways.

Erst­while Ken­tish Ex­press ed­i­tor Charles Ig­gles­den rest­ing be­tween his famed pere­gri­na­tions of Kent, and some snap shots pro­vided by Ted Prangnell

Pic­ture: By­gone Kent

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