With lots of bril­liant Land Rovers avail­able for £1000 or less, there’s no ex­cuse not to bag a bar­gain

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There are lots of daft myths about Land Rovers, usu­ally trot­ted out by folk blessed with scant knowl­edge of them. One is that they don’t rust be­cause they’re made of alu­minium (if only!). Another is that they pol­lute the planet (don’t get me started). But the big­gest is that Land Rovers are ex­pen­sive to buy and run. That state­ment is such rub­bish it should come in a black bin bag.

This month’s spe­cial Grand Rover fea­ture am­ply demon­strates what’s avail­able out there for £1000 or less. The five ve­hi­cles we show­case all cost their own­ers less than a grand – and they’re all bril­liant Land Rovers I’d love to have parked on my drive. I bet you would, too! The good news is there are loads more just like them out there, if you’re pre­pared to do your home­work.

And the even bet­ter news is that once you’ve got one, they are cheaper to run than or­di­nary cars. Older Land Rovers may not al­ways en­joy the best fuel econ­omy, but parts are cheap and they don’t de­pre­ci­ate like lesser ve­hi­cles. If you’re pre­pared to give your £1000 Land Rover a bit of TLC it will dou­ble or even triple in value. Turn to page 44 and our 12-page spe­cial fea­ture will show you how.

De­spite that first myth I men­tioned, Land Rovers don’t rust, it is in fact one of the big­gest en­e­mies of the more clas­sic mod­els. But there’s sel­dom any­thing that can’t be cured by a good welder. If you fancy do­ing it your­self – and sav­ing £££s while you’re at it – we’ve been test­ing bud­get MIG welders. Turn to page 174 to find out which is the best buy.

What­ever you do this month, happy Land Rover­ing!

“If you’re pre­pared to

give your £1000 Land Rover a bit of TLC it will dou­ble – or even triple – in value”

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