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Was it orig­i­nally a left-hand drive? Yes, but a pre­vi­ous owner con­verted it to right-hand drive. I have con­verted it back again. To do this I had to get hold of a LHD steer­ing box and steer­ing worm. Then I had to source a fa­cia and blank off the gap on the right where the steer­ing had been.

You love clas­sic cars? I own Wild Rover Cars and I have al­ways loved old cars. My dad had a Mk2 Jaguar which was the first car that I helped to re­store. A few VW buses fol­lowed, and then came the Land Rovers. I have never looked back since.

Tell us about this Se­ries III It was on ebay as a spares or re­pair and I bought it with­out see­ing it. The chas­sis was be­yond re­pair, but I re­alised it had been a gen­uine LHD and could be of in­ter­est to some­one in the USA or Europe.

When did the restora­tion start? I had it for three years be­fore start­ing the restora­tion last Oc­to­ber. We be­gan by sourc­ing a good re­place­ment chas­sis. I foundnd one in Dorset, it was then grit blasted lo­cally be­fore I did some welding on it. Fi­nally it was painted jet black. I took ev­ery­thing off the Land Rover and then re­built it onto the good chas­sis.

What about spares? I’ve used my other Stage One as a donor car and pinched the sa­fari roof and the seats from it as they were in ex­cel­lent con­di­tion. I think the per­son I bought it from had been pulling parts off it to use on other Land Rovers so I had to source a lot of parts, and all the doors were rusted in the usual places.

Have you had any help? While do­ing the work my eight-year-old niece, Laura, took an in­ter­est in what I was do­ing. I've had her sand­ing, paint­ing, fill­ing in and pop riv­et­ing, which is her favourite. She even painted up the old Land Rover badgee. She is very good at ev­ery­thing I show her. Any prob­lems so far? I am at the most dif­fi­cult stage, which is the electrics. I have a friend who has said he’ll help me get it started when I’ve put ev­ery­thing back to­gether.

What has been the big­gest job so far? Re­spray­ing the car as I’ve had to paint ev­ery inch, in­clud­ing the chas­sis.

How did the welding go? I have learned how to do it prop­erly – a must for a clas­sic car re­storer.

Any other projects on the go? I like Stage Ones and have another one that I will be work­ing on next. I’ve re­stored about six of these in the past and so know them well.

What does the fu­ture hold? I’m look­ing to set up a web­site very soon and for now read­ers can con­tact me via my Face­book page. I’m hop­ing that Wild Rover will grow into a re­spected all-round clas­sic car restora­tion busi­ness.

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