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Ed ad­vises on how to keep your De­fender safe

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Ac­cord­ing to Tracker Net­work UK, De­fender thefts in­creased by 57 per cent in 2016, due to ex­pected in­creases in value fol­low­ing the end of pro­duc­tion, but ag­gra­vated by peo­ple with plenty of spare cash buy­ing them as in­vest­ments and push­ing the value up ar­ti­fi­cially. This has long been the sit­u­a­tion with the clas­sic car move­ment where the value of any­thing re­ally de­cent has spi­ralled beyond the reach of the gen­uine en­thu­si­ast of av­er­age wealth. I hope this doesn’t hap­pen to De­fend­ers, though it prob­a­bly al­ready has.

So, De­fender (and other clas­sic Land Rover) own­ers are stuck with th­ese par­a­sites eye­ing up our ve­hi­cles in drive­ways, car ports, even locked garages, work­ing out when we won’t be around and plan­ning how they can ex­tract the ve­hi­cle. And none of us would dare to leave a De­fender parked on the road in the same place every night – that’s just ask­ing for it. Park­ing the ve­hi­cle out of sight is a first step, but if it’s seen driv­ing in and out every day, some­one might come look­ing. Neigh­bour­hood Watch can work. Tell the mem­bers your Land Rover will be go­ing nowhere – that you won’t be sell­ing it, you won’t ask a garage to col­lect it for re­pair and noone else drives it. Then, if any­one is seen near your ve­hi­cle, an alert will be quickly sent to the po­lice and/or your mo­bile phone.

Elec­tron­i­cally or me­chan­i­cally im­mo­bil­is­ing the ve­hi­cle doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily help, though it will de­ter or de­lay some thieves. Oth­ers will tow or drag it onto a trans­porter and be off. If the alarm is sound­ing and some­one ap­proaches them they’ll say it’s their own ve­hi­cle and there’s some­thing wrong with the key, or the bat­tery is flat, or that they’ve been asked to take it back to the garage to fix the alarm. If you hear this, ring the po­lice.

De­fend­ers, by their con­struc­tion, are dif­fi­cult to se­cure. And what­ever se­cu­rity is fit­ted be­comes just another chal­lenge to some thieves. So, if the worst hap­pens, we stand a rea­son­able chance of see­ing the ve­hi­cle again if a tracker sys­tem is fit­ted. A lo­ca­tion trans­mit­ter se­creted within the ve­hi­cle can help po­lice lo­cate it quickly, as­sum­ing you let them know it’s been pinched be­fore the thieves can dis­man­tle it or find the tracker de­vice. You have been warned.

“The value of any­thing de­cent has spi­ralled beyond the reach of the gen­uine en­thu­si­ast of av­er­age wealth”

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