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Be­cause of the huge colour range and pat­terns avail­able, the ba­sic colour pat­terns have been clas­si­fied. Amoena: Pale stan­dards and coloured falls. Bi­colour: Stan­dards and falls of two dif­fer­ent colours. Bi­tone: Two shades of the same colour. Blend: A mix or blend of two dif­fer­ent colours. Lu­mi­nata: Dark falls with pale area around the beard. Ne­glecta: Pale blue stan­dards and darker blue falls. Pli­cata: White, yel­low or pale pink petals, dot­ted or stitched with darker shades. Self: Stan­dards and falls of one colour. Var­ie­gata: Yel­low stan­dards and red or ma­roon falls.

Planted en masse in bor­ders, bearded iris put on a colour­ful show.

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