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Pli­able young wil­low is the per­fect ma­te­rial for cre­at­ing a home-made plant sup­port. Bend­ing long pieces up and over a de­vel­op­ing climb­ing plant cre­ates a state­ment in the gar­den, be­fore the struc­ture is swathed in flour­ish­ing growth. To cre­ate a sim­ple frame for a medium sized pot, mul­ti­ple stems are cut to ap­prox­i­mately 5ft (1.5m). The num­ber of stems used will de­pend on the even­tual size and spread of the plant it will sup­port. One end of each stem is pushed into the com­post at the edge of the pot, evenly spaced apart. Then the other end of each is bent over and pushed in di­rectly op­po­site. If the loop formed is higher than re­quired, the length of the stems are re­duced be­fore they are pushed into place. When all the stems have been bent dou­ble and pushed in, the point at which they cross is se­cured with twine or pli­able plant ma­te­rial. Fur­ther sup­port for the plant is added by ty­ing string around the cir­cum­fer­ence of the wil­low stems at var­i­ous heights.

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