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Step 1: A tall cype­rus plant is care­fully re­moved from its pot be­fore plant­ing in the com­post. A sedge, this would typ­i­cally be planted on a pond shelf, and helps cre­ate a wild feel to the fea­ture.

Step 2: The pur­plish-leaved Lo­belia car­di­nalis ‘Queen Vic­to­ria’ is in­tro­duced. Care is taken not to over­crowd the con­tainer, by plac­ing the plants slightly apart. Smaller plants need to be po­si­tioned so they can en­joy suf­fi­cient sun­light. ›

Step 3: The tin bath is filled with more of the aquatic com­post, us­ing a trowel to care­fully bed in the plants. The suc­cu­lent herb Veron­ica bec­ca­bunga, or brook­lime, trails over the side of the bath for added interest.

Step 4: Ad­ding a mulch of gravel to the com­post will help with wa­ter fil­tra­tion. The extra layer also cre­ates a neat and tidy ap­pear­ance at the top of the con­tainer.

Step 5: Con­tainer bog gar­dens will tend to dry out quickly, so it is im­por­tant they are checked reg­u­larly and wa­tered fre­quently. The soil needs to be kept moist at all times, but should never be wa­ter­logged. Project: GAP Photos

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