A minia­ture bog gar­den

An out­door con­tainer is used to show off a dis­play of dra­matic wa­ter-lov­ing plants

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ABOG Gar­den is repli­cated in minia­ture us­ing an old tin bath filled with moist soil and wa­ter-lov­ing plants. Sim­ple to as­sem­ble, it is an ideal way to dis­play con­trast­ing fo­liage and flow­er­ing plants. Wa­ter at­tracts wildlife, and this out­door fea­ture pro­vides a safer al­ter­na­tive to a gar­den pond as a spot to ob­serve a va­ri­ety of in­sects and in­ver­te­brates. Bog gar­den plants need some drainage and air around their roots. They will not thrive where the soil is so wet or com­pacted that wa­ter pools on it and lit­tle drainage oc­curs. The con­tainer should have drainage holes drilled in it. This will al­low wa­ter to slowly drain.

Cype­rus has slen­der grass-like leaves and green­ish flower clus­ters. The bril­liant red flow­ers of stately Lo­belia car­di­nalis ‘Queen Vic­to­ria’. Barred horse­tail, Equise­tum japon­icum, can grow to 31in (80cm) tall.

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