VIC BAR­LOW TAKES AN AL­TER­NA­TIVE LOOK AT LIFE IN MAC­CLES­FIELD Re­mem­ber play­ing out un­til you had to be dragged in?

Macclesfield Express - - BARLOW’S BRIEF -

HAVE you ever won­dered what the faces be­hind the voices you hear on 102.8 fm look like?

Not only can you look on our web­site to see the pro­files and pho­tos of our pre­sen­ters, you can ac­tu­ally see them out and about in the com­mu­nity sup­port­ing lo­cal business and not-for-profit or­gan­i­sa­tions that support your lo­cal ra­dio sta­tion for Mac­cles­field and the sur­round­ing ar­eas.

De­nis Slat­tery’s 80’s char­ity road-show has helped lo­cal char­i­ties raise thou­sands of pounds and re­turns to The Spin­ners Arms in Bolling­ton on Satur­day, Oc­to­ber 25 sup­port­ing Can­cer Re­search UK.

You can pop in to The White Lion on Mill Street in Mac­cles­field ev­ery Fri­day, Satur­day, or Sun­day evening to see Nick Wright or Rob Bash­forth en­ter­tain­ing you with a disco or karaoke ses­sion.

Mr En­ter­tain­ment him­self, Andy Hofton, can also be seen at the Fox and Grapes on Pitt Street in Mac­cles­field ev­ery Sun­day af­ter­noon with his karaoke ses­sion.

Andy is also busy at many other lo­cal venues and is cur­rently pre­par­ing his Christ­mas spe­cials.

Take a look at our web­site to find out where Andy will be over the fes­tive pe­riod.

The web­site also gives de­tails of var­i­ous events that are tak­ing place in Mac­cles­field and the sur­round­ing ar­eas.

If you want your event pro­mot­ing on the web­site and on air let us know the de­tails by click­ing the sub­mit an event tab and we will do the rest. I WAS driv­ing around a large es­tate look­ing for a spe­cific ad­dress the other day.

It was one of those won­der­ful warm au­tumn af­ter­noons when shorts and T-shirts sud­denly reap­pear.

Star­lings swirled in for­ma­tion high above the church spire. It re­minded me of those evenings I spent with my grand­dad gaz­ing up at the sky from his gar­den gate watch­ing the gath­er­ing mi­gra­tion.

The only thing miss­ing was…chil­dren. What hap­pened to the kids? Where have they gone?

On a day such as this I ex­pected to see kids play­ing cricket or rounders but I saw noth­ing. It was like 1940 when all the chil­dren had been evac­u­ated.

Re­mem­ber play­ing out un­til you had to be dragged in by your dad and plead­ing for ‘just another five min­utes’?

Foot­ball matches went on for­ever stop­ping only for the oc­ca­sional ar­gu­ment about whether a shot was inside or out­side the post (usu­ally a jumper).

Mo­tor rac­ing was a great pave­ment sport played with Dinky rac­ing cars shoved along at record speed by snot­tynosed kids in­tent on be­ing crowned ‘world cham­pion.’ A feat nei­ther Stir­ling Moss nor I ever achieved.

Girls played some weird games. Hop­scotch-what was all that about?

If I hadn’t fan­cied Linda Sewell wild horses would not have in­duced me to play such a soppy game. (Linda mar­ried a good-look­ing guy with a huge quiff and a real car so my sacrifice was in vain.)

Hide and seek was a very du­bi­ous ‘game’ in my es­ti­ma­tion.

Be­ing the youngest in our street I was con­sid­ered a pain, so the older boys would or­der me to close my eyes and count to 100 while they shot off on their bikes leav­ing me search­ing empty streets.

Re­mem­ber when you played cricket and had to rely on some lucky kid who owned a de­cent bat?

Once he was bat­ting you daren’t bowl him out in case he took his bat home.

If he owned the wick­ets as well his in­nings could last all day. (Maybe Eng­land should adopt that ap­proach?)

Cy­cle speed­way was hi­lar­i­ous.

Once a dirt track was pre­pared bikes of all shapes, sizes and va­ri­eties ap­peared.

Roy Cooper got leathered for ‘bor­row­ing’ his dad’s bike and saw­ing off the mud­guards.

I stuck a stick in my back wheel to sim­u­late the sound of an en­gine but half my spokes fell out.

Mud…we al­ways seemed to be cov­ered in the stuff.

It was baked on in sum­mer and splat­tered all over us in win­ter.

How good was a rope swing over a stream?

You could play all day on a good rope swing with a dozen mates.

I re­call los­ing a shoe mid-swing and watch­ing in hor­ror as it drifted off to­wards the River Tame.

I told my dad it was stolen by a kid with one leg from another gang but he wasn’t hav­ing any of it.

I’m not say­ing our games were bet­ter but they ed­u­cated us in ways kids will never ex­pe­ri­ence sit­ting in their bed­rooms. ●● SO David Cameron is in trou­ble for re­veal­ing the Queen ‘purred with hap­pi­ness’ when he told her the re­sult of the Scot­tish ref­er­en­dum.

What did peo­ple ex­pect?

She wasn’t likely to yell: “Whoopee, the Scots have ca­pit­u­lated.”

Is Her Maj not al­lowed an opin­ion? Given some of the id­i­otic state­ments com­ing out of West­min­ster I’d be de­lighted to hear what she has to say.

To be hon­est I’d rather hear what the cor­gis have to say than Cameron, Miliband and Co. God knows how Prince Philip re­acted on hear­ing the news. I’d pay to see that video.

Prince Philip may be ec­cen­tric but he talks more sense than our so-called lead­ers.

It looks like we are now com­mit­ted to air strikes on an ide­ol­ogy. Good luck with that. You don’t sup­pose all those TV images of bombed­out civil­ians will turn into another mas­sive re­cruit­ment drive for Is­lamic ter­ror­ists do you?

Re­mem­ber how we bombed Iraq to elim­i­nate non-ex­is­tent Weapons of Mass De­struc­tion?

How well did that work out? I’m not a big Roy­al­ist but given the cur­rent crop of politi­cians I’d trust the Queen be­fore I’d be­lieve a sin­gle word from any of them.

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