What diet are you on?

Macclesfield Express - - BARLOW’S BRIEF -

I DON’T think I’ve talked to a woman this week who isn’t on some form of diet or fling­ing them­selves around a gym.

Lis­ten ladies...trust me on this...it’s a con. You don’t need to look like a stick in­sect or com­pare your­self to some wretched woman sculpted and air brushed for a gullible au­di­ence.

You just need to be fit and healthy and hav­ing lips you can stand on isn’t go­ing to do it for you.

As for im­plants and the rest of that non­sense for­get it.

If your part­ner doesn’t love you as you are – don’t get a new body, get a new boyfriend.

I’ve met some lovely ladies re­cently fret­ting need­lessly about their weight.

C’mon girls, give your­selves a break. If you are healthy and feel good...job done.

Be com­fort­able in your own skin.

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