Teacher turned ta­bles on maths lessons

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DAVID Cameron’s in­sis­tence that all chil­dren know there mul­ti­pli­ca­tion ta­bles could not have caused more con­tro­versy had he re­placed detention with Tasers.

One teacher on Ra­dio Four called teach­ing ta­bles ‘dra­co­nian’ while an­other main­tained it was more im­por­tant for pupils to ‘un­der­stand what 12 X 11 means than to know the an­swer.’

What the hell is that about? No won­der th­ese sim­i­lar ques­tion but the don’t know how). tree had only 10 branches I was never great at each branch yield­ing 10 maths un­til I was taught bun­dles. by a teacher with high

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I know we had some four-and-a-half bun­dles teach­ing kids ba­sic He was street smart (we tricky maths ques­tions in from each of the seven mul­ti­pli­ca­tion? Why all couldn’t con him) and our ex­ams. I re­mem­ber higher branches. the whinge­ing? (Un­less of bril­liant at his sub­ject. hav­ing to cal­cu­late how Years later my son had a course some teach­ers I passed my maths exam with distinc­tion.

Not ev­ery teacher can per­form mir­a­cles but bang­ing on about the ‘mean­ing’ of 12X11 sounds like a get-out for teach­ers who pre­fer more neb­u­lous meth­ods.

We are living in a global econ­omy. Even­tu­ally our chil­dren will be com­pet­ing for em­ploy­ment against stu­dents who learn this stuff for fun.

If you don’t be­lieve me take a trip around Asia.

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