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●● WE asked our read­ers whether they thought King’s School on Cum­ber­land Street would make a good ho­tel af­ter a sug­ges­tion by a reader. A Proper Char­lie: We are in a mid­dle of a hous­ing cri­sis, so a ho­tel isn’t a good idea.

The en­tire Kings School build­ings and grounds need to be ear­marked for much needed af­ford­able hous­ing. Su­san O’Don­nell French: It would make a lovely ho­tel. Ka­rina Har­ring­ton Lovett: Why would we want a ho­tel?

Who would visit this town, it has noth­ing to of­fer, no shop­ping no cinema. Sarah Tea­gle: I went to a ho­tel in Port­land that was a con­verted school.

The bed­rooms were class­rooms.

Some were bars and the gym was a cinema with so­fas in, Very cool! Wendy Chin­ery: I’d thought it would con­vert to some much needed apart­ments.

I to­tally op­pose us­ing green belt for build­ing devel­op­ment on the Fence Av­enue site. Tracy Hen­ders: Wot about an en­ter­tain­ment com­plex, cinema etc? Vicki Hen­shall: That would in­volve destroying an his­toric build­ing and grounds.

There are other sites be­ing looked at for those pur­poses. Car­rie Easterby: Why move to Prest­bury?

Why not stay in Macclesfield?

It seems that an­other as­set is go­ing....the way Macclesfield is chang­ing we will prob­a­bly have char­ity shops in its place! Tr­ish Wis­son: Af­ford­able hous­ing is needed much more than a ho­tel. Re­becca Har­ri­son: An art gallery. Jen­nifer Adams: I thought they hadn’t got plan­ning per­mis­sion for their new cam­pus yet?

So isn’t this a bit pre­ma­ture??

They should move the Fence Av­enue site to this plot and sac­ri­fice a field! Becca Fisher: What about more larger homes for fam­i­lies? Max Homer: I tell you what it would make...a great school!!! Keep it as it is, all the his­tory and mem­o­ries lost. Tracy Hen­ders: Not nec­es­sar­ily. Only the in­side, same as chang­ing it to a ho­tel. An­nie Bag­nall: Yeah – if you want a noisy, half empty ho­tel. ●● READ­ERS had mixed views on the lat­est on the coun­cil’s new town leisure scheme, which is get­ting closer to re­al­ity af­ter the coun­cil has se­cured a piece of much­needed land. Lucy Eard­ley: We’ve got a cinema al­ready!

It’s per­fectly good thank you (Ok, seats could do with updating but let’s keep sup­port­ing the in­de­pen­dent and per­haps they’ll get the funds to up­date them in due course!!) Steph Cleaver: Well said Lucy Eard­ley x Claire Lack­ford: Agreed. Cinemac is great, we don’t bother go­ing to mul­ti­plexes now. Jenny Cap­per: I like Cinemac too.

Cheap on Sun­days. Sharon Pol­lard: Ab­so­lutely, there’s no way I’m spend­ing £30 to see a film.

It’s £10 for pop­corn and a drink in mul­ti­plex cine­mas, who can do that ev­ery week?

Cinemac all the way for us!! Sharon Pol­lard: can’t fault it. Alex Law­ton Truswell Esq: Sorry but I’d rather have a big mod­ern cinema... Fed up driv­ing to Dids­bury all the time! It would at­tract peo­ple from all round the area, also if it was good enough, Knutsford, Wilm­slow, Con­gle­ton etc. Chris Branscomb: To all those say­ing we’ve got a

£3.50 cinema al­ready, it’s not quite the same though is it? There’s noth­ing to say we can’t carry on hav­ing a good in­de­pen­dent cinema in Macc if they show films peo­ple want to see at a rea­son­able price. Richard James Pat­tie: Sup­port Cinemac. Keith Preece: The mind bog­gles at yet an­other twist in this saga. Nick Pet­ti­grew: Would like a youth club, can’t the coun­cil ‘snap up’ some land for that? Hazel Beau­mont: Yes and the hard­work­ing team iMac and the suc­cess of the youth club in it­self is proof Macclesfield needs a youth club. Ben Cor­co­ran: Here here, I would and will choose Cinemac over any face­less, over­priced mul­ti­plex of­fered up.

Am sure there are more im­por­tant and needy ar­eas to be ad­dressed be­fore our town has this thrust upon us. Bree Shemilt: What’s the point? Waste of money. Kelsie My­ers: Them moan­ing it’s in wrong place, you’ve got a cinema so be grate­ful. Peter Fowler: I as­sume ev­ery­one here has been to Parrs Wood.

Do you re­ally want that in Macc? Lucy Eard­ley: Also, Cinemac in­vested only last year in a state of the art sound sys­tem.

I take my own cush­ion for the seat is­sue. Right old lady me!

The live screen­ings there are amaz­ing too. Matthew Paul Till: I have been at Cinemac for 7 years now and I’m very proud of what we have done. The seats are a thing we have been un­able to solve ob­vi­ously not know­ing the fu­ture.

We could be on the verge of 2 great in­de­pen­dent cine­mas in town. I don’t think we’ve had that since the 1970s or maybe 1960s. How amaz­ing would that be? Kerry Gibson: Com­pletely agree. Sup­port Cinemac.

They re­ally have no idea about what the town and peo­ple want or need. Open your ears and start meet­ing the peo­ple and lis­ten to them. Jane El­lis: Bout time we had a de­cent cinema I say. Max Homer: I love the big cine­mas, but you re­alise we have a lovely lit­tle cinema in Macc, ‘Cinemac’, which would die if we get the big chain. Sharon Pol­lard: An­other waste of money, the nov­elty will wear off af­ter a few months, it will look like the one in Stock­port. Ruth Ken­dall: I love the peo­ple who run Cinemac, al­ways friendly. Anne Pike: Still think it is in the wrong place, where Lidl wants to go would be bet­ter, might gen­er­ate Sun­der­land Street area!

‘We’ve got a good cinema al­ready’

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