Fig­ures re­veal town’s big­gest new­borns

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THE heav­i­est baby de­liv­ered in Mac­cles­field over the past five years was an eye-wa­ter­ing 13lbs 5oz.

Ge­orge Beres­ford was born to a gob-smacked mum and dad Laura and Matt Beres­ford in Novem­ber 2011.

It’s al­most dou­ble the av­er­age weight for ba­bies born at the trust last year of 7lb 8oz (3,401 grams).

Laura, from Bolling­ton, said: “In the weeks be­fore Ge­orge was born I was re­ally big and wor­ried about how big he was go­ing to be, but the mid­wife re­as­sured me that he would be nine or 10 pounds.

“Ge­orge was 12 days late and was born by emer­gency cae­sarean.

“As soon as he ar­rived I asked ‘how much does he weigh?’ and the con­sul­tant said ‘I hope you haven’t bought any baby grows, he needs a school uni­form’.

“They put him on the scales but were un­able to tell me be­cause their con­ver­sion chart didn’t go that high, so they had to go off and cal­cu­late it from grams into pounds and ounces.

“He was lit­er­ally off the chart. He was also 24 inches long. At the time the con­sul­tant that de­liv­ered Ge­orge said it was the big­gest baby he’d ever de­liv­ered.”

Laura’s sec­ond child, Harry, was also one of the big­gest ba­bies born at the hospi­tal, ar­riv­ing at 12lb 2oz in July 2013.

Laura said: “We got some funny re­ac­tions when we tell peo­ple the weight of the boys. Tou can see their minds rac­ing. I put them at rest by telling them the boys were both cae­sar­ian.”

Other weights recorded in the same five year pe­riod were 12lbs 3oz, 11lb 10oz and 11lb 9oz.

Not-so-lit­tle Ge­orge wasn’t far from be­ing the heav­i­est on record, with the big­gest baby born weigh­ing 14lbs 6oz ac­cord­ing to a study of ba­bies born at the East Cheshire NHS Trust-run hospi­tal.

This record is held by a baby born some­time be­fore 2010. Due to data pro­tec­tion rules the dates that th­ese ba­bies were born has been with­held.

The heav­i­est baby out of all 35 hospi­tal trusts was born at the Royal Berk­shire hospi­tal and weighed a whop­ping 15lb 14 oz (7,193 grams).

Ac­cord­ing to the Gui­ness Book of World Records the big­gest baby ever born was a boy weigh­ing 9.98 kg (22lb) in Ohio, USA, in 1879.

●● Harry and Ge­orge Beres­ford were both big ba­bies, in­set, Ge­orge weighed 13lb­s5oz when he was born

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