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●● LOTS of you are in sup­port of Mac­cles­field’s new free school, which has been open since Septem­ber. Maz Sparkes: Didn’t know they’d opened a school there! I use to love the youth club. By the sounds of it the school is do­ing great! Such a fab idea x Claire Lack­ford: That’s great to read. Well done to ev­ery­one in­volved in giv­ing th­ese chil­dren a chance. Ca­role Plat­ten-Wild: Due to peo­ple’s na­ture you are never go­ing to get ev­ery­one on side. Would they pre­fer to just throw th­ese kids on one side n say put them in that box la­belled bad’ns or look back at their lives and see how many times they have been given chances n a help­ing hand (short mem­o­ries). Good luck to all the staff n pupils for a suc­cess­ful school! What we help now helps our fu­ture!!!! Michaela Car­lin: I for one am re­ally pleased that there is a school like this one. Th­ese kids might have prob­lems but they are still en­ti­tled to an ed­u­ca­tion and to many peo­ple are quick to la­bel them; and hav­ing ex­pe­ri­enced this my­self with peo­ple and friends call­ing my kids and not un­der­stand­ing that it isn’t all their fault, that they do have trou­bles. Far too many peo­ple and schools just con­cen­trate on the kids that are either very clever or sporty and what they wear or the colour of their hair in­stead of let­ting them de­velop and find their own per­son­al­i­ties. Keep up the good work that you are do­ing at the Fer­main academy. Kristof­fer Backer-Row­ley: I’m glad that th­ese young peo­ple, many of whom get passed through high schools un­will­ing to per­se­vere with them, are be­ing given a chance. Cer­tainly, ini­tial at­ten­dance seems ex­tremely good. Th­ese young peo­ple are be­ing given a chance to lead a ful­fill­ing life. If the odd bit of lit­ter­ing, while ob­vi­ously wrong, is the price to pay for a group of young peo­ple who can con­trib­ute to wider so­ci­ety then I think the peo­ple of Ox­ford Road should be able to live with that. ●● DOZENS of read­ers took to our face­book to be­rate Mac­cles­field MP David Rut­ley for vot­ing against abol­ish­ing tax on san­i­tary prod­ucts. Mark Joyce: Saw the list of MPs who voted in this, and was dis­gusted by the women MPs who voted for not hav­ing zero vat on th­ese prod­ucts, all Tories as well. Sorry but been called sex­i­est over the years, but this is a dis­grace by eu­ro­cre­akins and our MPs 4 al­low­ing it in the 1st place. Ju­lian Wilkin: He voted cor­rectly. Many of life’s ne­ces­si­ties are taxed and san­i­tary prod­ucts are al­ready re­duced to 5per­cent VAT, whereas toi­let pa­per, tooth­paste, soap etc still in­cur the stan­dard 20pc. There are many more im­por­tant fe­male is­sues to tackle first rather than wast­ing time ar­gu­ing over a ‘sex­ist’ few pounds ad­di­tional tax per year. Shanie Lea: A ‘sex­ist’ few pounds to women re­ally strug­gling fi­nan­cially or home­less women can be the dif­fer­ence be­tween be­ing cov­ered or not. There are many women that re­sort to steal­ing san­i­tary items. Toni Kelly: In all a fair­ness Shanie, how many women out there ac­tu­ally knew about the level of VAT ap­plied to san­i­tary prod­ucts? It never oc­curred to me, but it’s not go­ing to af­fect my bud­get as I need to buy th­ese prod­ucts (I just choose to buy su­per­mar­ket own). Claire-louise Daven­port: Toni Kelly is some­one that gets my point of view. To me it doesn’t change my san­i­tary buy­ing habits, I pay the tax now and it doesn’t bother me to con­tinue to pay it. How­ever in re­gards to this af­fect­ing home­less women, I think that is a big­ger is­sue than pay­ing the 30 or so pence ex­tra on a san­i­tary prod­uct. Laura Jen­nifer Smith: It’s not a lux­ury – full stop. Sarah Northrop: They should be pro­vided by the state – like con­doms, or morn­ing af­ter pills. But there is no ben­e­fit to the coun­try in do­ing so – like re­duc­ing cost on STI treat­ments or preg­nan­cies. ●● LOTS of you had some­thing to say about the Big Christ­mas Lights Switch on. Daniel Py­att: Why can’t the coun­cil get their hand in their pocket and pay for proper celebs to switch on the lights? Michele Slack: Pity there are no shops to do Christ­mas shop­ping! Claire Atkins: Why can’t it be af­ter 5:30? Some of us don’t work Mon-Fri!! Amanda Snow­ball: That’s what I was think­ing – 4.30!!!!!!! I don’t get back in from mcr till 6 Claire Good­ier: They need to spend there money on other things. Tracy Ben­nett: In­stead of any stupid Xmas lights get some de­cent shops, it’s like a ghost town nowa­days. I’d sup­port the lo­cal shops if we had any!!!

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