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DR Gra­ham Duce is GP with Park Green Surgery, Mac­cles­field, and a clin­i­cal lead on for NHS East­ern Cheshire CCG:

“I need to get more ac­tive but I just can’t find the time” is a com­ment that busy peo­ple of­ten say to me when prompted to take ac­tion to im­prove their health. The good news is that all of us, from busy moth­ers and fam­i­lies, through of­fice work­ers to older adults, can build phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity into their lives. Be­ing phys­i­cally ac­tive is eas­ier than you think, es­pe­cially if you make ac­tiv­ity part of your daily rou­tine.

As a mother walk­ing your chil­dren to and from school, rather than us­ing the car, is a good form of ex­er­cise. Take steps to be ac­tive with your chil­dren and take them to the swim­ming pool or play in the gar­den or park. Scoot­ers, roller­skates and bikes are just some of the great ways to en­cour­age your child to see ex­er­cise as play. And if par­ents are phys­i­cally ac­tive, their chil­dren are likely to fol­low their ex­am­ple and be ac­tive too.

If you work in an of­fice there are a num­ber of ways you can keep ac­tive – stand while talk­ing on the phone and walk over to some­one’s desk rather than email­ing them. It’s al­ways bet­ter to take the stairs in­stead of the lift, or build a brisk walk into your lunch break (if you’re lucky enough to get one!) So, be­ing busy is not al­ways a bar­rier to lead­ing a more ac­tive life­style. You might think be­ing ac­tive in­volves go­ing to the gym, an ex­er­cise class or play­ing a sport but it’s not just that.

Just think of it in a more ev­ery­day way that in­cor­po­rates some ac­tiv­ity into your daily rou­tine – even sim­ple things like do­ing more walk­ing. Be­ing ac­tive in­cludes any phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity that you do, in­clud­ing clean­ing the house and gar­den­ing, trav­el­ling on foot or by bi­cy­cle, man­ual jobs at work as well as sport and ac­tiv­i­ties in your spare time.

Pick ac­tiv­i­ties that you like and that fit eas­ily into your daily rou­tine. Work out what time is best for you to ex­er­cise and stick to it.

Above all, re­duce the amount of time you sit or lie down dur­ing the day. More tips and ideas and de­tails of ac­tiv­i­ties near you can be found at ac­

●● Dr Gra­ham Duce

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