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●● LOTS of read­ers ex­pressed their con­cerns af­ter van­dals wrecked trees at Jas­mine Park Bar­bara Wolf: Scum of the earth. What an un­for­giv­able thing to do. An­thony Royle: Just shows some of the hu­man race can never evolve or func­tion like nor­mal peo­ple dur­rrrr I’m so gangsta look at me I can snap a tree (well a small tree). Joanne Grif­fin: I took my dogs there yes­ter­day and couldn’t be­lieve what I saw, I was hop­ing it was the wind that had caused it. Just aw­ful. Lynn Oakes: Such a shame, I’m pas­sion­ate about trees and plants. ●● CHRIST the King Pri­mary School had to call in the po­lice when two chil­dren left school premises at lunchtime. Lots of you had some­thing to say about how the mat­ter was han­dled Les­ley Anne Bax­en­dale: Why are peo­ple blam­ing the school? It is not the school’s re­spon­si­bil­ity to make sure chil­dren do as they are told, it’s the par­ents. Paula Der­byshire: Re­ally? Par­ents are legally obliged to send their chil­dren to school or or­gan­ise home school­ing from the age of five. Are we re­ally at a point where teach­ers are not re­spon­si­ble for their classes’ be­hav­iour while at school? Amanda Brooke: I agree, chil­dren are to do as they are told but at the same time the gate should be locked. Vicky Cron­stan: Kids rule, end of. The govern­ment has given them power over the grown ups but five and six? Yvonne Byram: I won­der what the par­ents would say if the teach­ers took them by their hands and frog marched them back into school? There’s a fine line for teach­ers too, peo­ple would protest if the teach­ers took that ac­tion, I think they made the right de­ci­sion. Vicky Cron­stan: If that were my kid I’d be happy for the teacher to frog­march them and give them a telling off and I’m sure my child would never do it again. Daniel Py­att: When I was a child there were no need to lock gates. We did as we were told. Steph Dono­hoe: Teach­ers should have called the par­ents not the po­lice. Karl Shields: Ab­surd. I used to go to that school when it was St Ed­wards. I got a good crack round the back­side if I didn’t do as I was told. No po­lice in­ter­ven­tion re­quired. The park bound­aries the school, this is no big deal. Karen Martin: Sorry but the school gates should have been locked and the teach­ers should have been able to hold their hand at five and six and not fol­low them to the park. Elaine Wil­liamson: Sign of the times. Carol Cap­per: The teach­ers have a very fine line to walk – they can­not grab a re­luc­tant pupil and force them back to school – even the po­lice had to carry them! Julie Hatt: Wow....po­lice....re­ally...

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