Suc­cess is within the con­tes­tants’ grasp

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If you touch the prize, you win the prize! That’s the very sim­ple premise be­hind this new game show, Can’tTouchThis (Satur­day, BBC1, 6.10pm), hosted by Zoe Ball and Ash­ley Banjo. Cat­a­pulted into a gi­ant ob­sta­cle course, 16 con­tes­tants have to bat­tle their way through fiendish chal­lenges while try­ing to touch prizes that are tan­ta­lis­ingly just out of reach. But in the end, only one of them will win the chance to take home their prize haul. They could also be driv­ing their prizes home in the car of their dreams, but first they have to take a gi­ant, heart-stop­ping leap in or­der to touch the ve­hi­cle. Full of epic fails and big wins, Can’t Touch This prom­ises to be fun for the whole fam­ily, as the two hosts ex­plain: And, ac­cord­ing to Ball there is one more spe­cial in­gre­di­ent that makes this show even more fun – Sue Perkins’ com­men­tary. “She is so funny,” she says. “She makes me laugh out loud but that is why she is a ge­nius. A god-like ge­nius.” The con­test gets un­der way tonight, as a father from Cardiff, a belly-dancer from Hull and a man called ‘Mr Grumpy Pants’ tackle the course. And both of the hosts have huge re­spect for those brave enough to take part. “I think I’d be lucky to make it out of the first foam pit,” Zoe ad­mits. “I think I’d be al­right un­til it got to the trav­e­la­tor. Then if you get dunked it’s so im­pos­si­ble to run and I’m not a grace­ful run­ner any­way.” How­ever, Ash­ley dis­agrees and thinks his co-host is ac­tu­ally more suited to the course than he is. “I think Zoe would do much bet­ter than she says she would, and I would do a lot worse than peo­ple think I would,” he says. “I’d like to think I’d do great but I’d prob­a­bly be re­ally bad at it.” So what are the high­lights of this ob­sta­cle course that is es­sen­tially like a life-size mouse­trap for hu­mans? “The cat­a­pult,” Ball says. “I love the cat­a­pult! It looks like so much fun. I quite like the chairs that dunk you down the slides.” But Banjo prefers the ropes. “If I was tak­ing part they would be at the bot­tom of my list, but as a viewer, I think the ropes might be my favourite,” he says. The fi­nal el­e­ment of the show’s win­ning for­mula is the big prizes – this is prime-time Satur­day night TV af­ter all. So there you have it – the holy trin­ity of Satur­day night game shows – con­tes­tants, ob­sta­cles and prizes.

In it to win it Zoe Ball and Ash­ley Banjo present

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