Drugs gang jailed for nearly 35 years


AN or­gan­ised crime gang who con­spired to flood Mac­cles­field with class A drugs has been jailed for al­most 35 years.

The gang op­er­ated from two houses in the town and were snared fol­low­ing a year-long, un­der­cover op­er­a­tion by Cheshire Police.

Police said the op­er­a­tion pumped more than four ki­los of heroin and crack co­caine worth £426,000 onto the streets of Mac­cles­field, net­ting the gang around £213,000.

Four men from Mac­cles­field who pleaded guilty to con­spir­acy to sup­ply heroin and crack co­caine were given lengthy jail sen­tences at War­ring­ton Crown Court last Wed­nes­day.

Ring­leader Thomas Flana­gan, 30, of Bryn­more Drive, was de­scribed by Judge Tina Lan­dale as ‘ruth­less’ in his con­trol of the ‘em­pire’ and was sen­tenced to eight years, while his step­fa­ther and ‘sec­ond lieu­tenant’ John Ham­ble­ton, 48, of Sut­ton Close, was given six years and eight months.

David Hunter, 36, of Stoneleigh Close, who acted as courier driv­ing the drugs from Liver­pool was sen­tenced to 32 months, while lead­ing dealer Michael Green, 36, of Buck­fast Close, was sen­tenced to four years.

Five other street deal­ers from Mac­cles­field all ad­mit­ted sup­ply­ing heroin and crack co­caine.

Joseph McGuire, 38, of Ren­frew Close, was sen­tenced to four years six months; Stephen Day, 43, of Ken­dal Road, was sen­tenced to 32 months; Thomas Jack­son, 18, of Wen­lock Close; was sen­tenced to 12 months in a Young Of­fend­ers’ In­sti­tute; Adam Har­ri­son, 29, Cedar Grove, was sen­tenced to 28 months, and Daniel May­ers, 34, of Brook Street, was also sen­tenced to 28 months.

De­tec­tive Sergeant Gavin Day, who led the op­er­a­tion, said: “All the de­fen­dants had dif­fer­ent lev­els of in­volve­ment and con­trol over the sup­ply of drugs in the Mac­cles­field area.

“How­ever their aim was clear – to bring il­le­gal drugs onto the streets and sell them on for a profit.

“Flana­gan and Ham­ble­ton were key to the or­gan­i­sa­tion of their ac­tiv­ity. This is the con­clu­sion of a year-long in­ves­ti­ga­tion into dis­man­tling that sup­ply of drugs into the town. The sen­tences handed down send out a strong mes­sage that if you choose to come into Cheshire and sell drugs and spread misery then you will end up pay­ing the price for your ac­tions.”

Mac­cles­field MP David Rut­ley said: “These drug deal­ers will now pay the price for ru­in­ing other peo­ple’s lives and their crim­i­nal ac­tiv­ity.”

●● Thomas Flana­gan was de­scribed by Judge Tina Lan­dale as ‘ruth­less’ in his con­trol of the ‘em­pire’ and was sen­tenced to eight years

●● Flana­gan’s step­fa­ther John Ham­ble­ton was given six years and eight months

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