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OUR story about the coun­cil’s new team of lit­ter of­fi­cers gen­er­ated a lot of dis­cus­sion on our face­book page. Karen White: Peo­ple that drop lit­ter (not cig­a­rette butts) in­fu­ri­ate the hell out of me.

Do as I was taught, put it in your bag or pocket and take it home with you, it’s not hard and keeps the town you live in clean. Every­one should want that. If peo­ple didn’t drop lit­ter there would be no need for clean­ers hence no fines to pay for them. xx Dan May­ers: I don’t like fines as a de­ter­rent nor­mally, as it’s al­ways go­ing to look like a money mak­ing scheme. Al­though I do agree we need some­thing. This at­ti­tude of ‘there’s not enough bins’ is a very lazy ex­cuse. I run and cy­cle ev­ery­where, and the amount of cans and McDon­alds pack­ag­ing I see on the road­side is un­for­giv­able. Is that be­cause there are not enough bins in peo­ple’s cars? Matt Long­son: Why would they put more bins in town? If they put more bins in town then there wouldn’t be so many fines. This na­tion is all about bleed­ing money out of peo­ple one way or an­other. Mike Daw­son: The en­force­ment of­fi­cers are NOT funded by the coun­cil, they are a pri­vate firm au­tho­rised by the coun­cil to is­sue fines on a com­mis­sion rate of 40%. They are also fully au­tho­rised to up­hold the law in re­spect of any lit­ter­ing of­fence. Legally speak­ing drop­ping cig butts is lit­ter­ing as has been for many years, al­though most peo­ple tend to think of lit­ter­ing as be­ing pa­per waste etc. Sadly ig­no­rance of the law is not a de­fence to avoid a fine be­ing is­sued, nor is it the re­spon­si­bil­ity of the coun­cil to pro­vide pub­lic ash­trays. I was ad­vised to make sure any cig­a­rettes are fully ex­tin­guished and drop it in the bin. Lastly, for those who say of­fend­ers should be let off for the 1st of­fence, why should they? How would any “of­fi­cer” know if it was a 1st of­fence? The fact is an of­fence was com­mit­ted, and al­though the fine is harsh it is what it is. I smoke, I was is­sued a fine, I grum­bled, I paid. I’ll just be a bit more vig­i­lant in future. Rowena Good­win: These fines are a joke. All other towns that have these fines for drop­ping cig­a­rette butts pro­vide bins with ash­trays on the top. Mac­cles­field don’t pro­vide any in the town cen­tre yet they pat them­selves on the back for catch­ing peo­ple out. I’m not say­ing it’s right to drop cig­a­rette butts but come on do they re­ally want peo­ple to put them in the few bins they pro­vide in the town cen­tre and risk set­ting them alight? I know what I’ll be do­ing in future. Emma Budge: They need to be buy­ing some cig­a­rette bins with that fine money Paul Col­lier: Though maybe an af­ter­noon or two lit­ter pick­ing would be a bet­ter de­ter­rent/ ed­u­ca­tion. Sa­man­tha Hall: Need sort out all the dog poo around town! It’s dis­gust­ing! Colin Jarvis: I know the non smok­ers will agree with this but to pe­nalise hard work­ing peo­ple hav­ing a cig on there break with know warn­ings can’t be right Lynda Peers: I walked down Bond Street yes­ter­day I have never seen so much rub­bish on the foot­path and gut­ters it’s not like Mac­cles­field they are so good John Crazy­face Ben­nett: Why don’t they just hang around on London Road, they’d make a for­tune in fines EV­ERY DAY !!!!

Coun Paul Bates, from Cheshire East with the new fly tip­ping en­force­ment of­fi­cers

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