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Sing: Cer­tifi­cate U, 108 mins, Il­lu­mi­na­tion An­i­ma­tion Stu­dios Rat­ing: the­atre by host­ing a singing com­pe­ti­tion.

Ev­ery kind of an­i­mal imag­in­able takes part: Pig, Rosetta (Reese Witherspoon), is an over-worked housewife with 25 piglets; Ash, (Scar­lett Jo­hans­son) is a rock-star por­cu­pine; diminu­tive hus­tler-mouse Mike (Ted’s Seth McFar­lane) has big-band crooner tones and Johnny (Taron Egerton), a con­flicted young go­rilla, was born into fam­ily crim­i­nal­ity.

The trail­ers draw heav­ily on the cen­tral con­ceit of these crit­ters belt­ing out some of to­day’s most recog­nis­able pop-hits, such as a trio of OMG bun­nies wig­gling to Nicki Minaj. I won­dered if the some­what shoo-in sell­ing-point of: ‘talkingan­i­mal juke­box karaoke’ could sus­tain at fea­ture­length or whether the nov­elty of see­ing McConaughey per­form a ren­di­tion of Call Me Maybe might wear off – but it works.

Its set-up is so sim­ple, and all the more joy­ous for it.

It’s en­riched fur­ther by a uni­ver­sally ter­rific voice cast. Stand-outs in­clude the bril­liant Egerton, my choice for 2016’s BAFTA Ris­ing Star, who had his break­through in the Kings­man fran­chise.

Jen­nifer Saun­ders, is very funny as a pri­madonna op­er­atic sheep, in the reclu­sive Norma Des­mond mould. But it’s com­pletely stolen by Miss Craw­ley, the el­derly rep­til­ian sec­re­tary, re­plete with Bad­minton vi­sor and a glass-eye that’s al­ways fall­ing out – voiced by the film’s di­rec­tor, Garth Jennings.

Glo­ri­ously de­tailed an­i­ma­tion, fore­grounds ev­ery­thing: soap suds, por­cu­pine spikes and a sen­sa­tional flood, in a per­fectly ren­dered me­trop­o­lis that’s ut­terly be­liev­able.

It’s been an out­stand­ing year for an­i­ma­tion, from Pets, to Zootropo­lis, and Trolls to Kubo – so if Sing isn’t quite as stir­ring as Moana, it’s still a to­tal de­light.

A scene from Sing

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