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THIS week we have an­nounced the clo­sure of Chelford Farm­ers Mar­ket (page 7), which has been run­ning for more than a 100 years... Maria Hut­ton: “I loved go­ing there buy­ing at the plant auc­tion, so sad, a large part of many peo­ple’s lives, es­pe­cially the farm­ers. What is hap­pen­ing to the ru­ral com­mu­nity in Cheshire?” Jenny Lo­mas: “Our daugh­ter used to wait un­til the farm­ers had left then brought home the sick lambs , goats and any­thing that was poorly that the farm­ers did not take. Happy days. When we lived there it was a farm­ing com­mu­nity – no longer!” Sandie Law: “Bought all my rare breed Wel­sum­mer hens (and rooster) from Chelford, plus a kid and a lamb. What a shame it’s clos­ing. Shouldn’t be hap­pen­ing for new homes.” Peter Daven­port: “We’re go­ing to be like sar­dines shortly, an­other 750 homes com­ing to Con­gle­ton.” Karen New­ton: “Grew up in Chelford and spent many a night sit­ting round there, chat­ting with mates.

“More houses will be built there and bang goes the small vil­lage that Chelford should be.” Mick Greenall: “I used to go to Chelford with my grandad when I was young. It was a reg­u­lar trip out on a Mon­day and some­thing that you al­ways have great mem­o­ries of. I have been back a few times since and it will be a sad day when it closes. It’s been a great meet­ing place for farm­ers sell­ing their an­i­mals, hay, straw and im­ple­ments for many gen­er­a­tions.” Colin Grant: “Great plan­ning – shut the pub then build houses. Will be a night­mare to get in and out. More pol­luted air.” Liz Re­gan: “We’ll have noth­ing left from for­mer years. “Some things should be pre­served.” Dan Caudwell: “In other news last week, su­per­mar­kets are ra­tioning veg­eta­bles” Vivi­enne Lan­ders: “More traf­fic night­mare! Such a sad loss to yet more land.” Emily Par­rish: “My grandad, Frank Tay­lor, was a farmer in and around Gawsworth so used to go to the mar­ket quite a bit un­til he re­tired in the late 70s.” Ju­lian Brind­ley: “More new houses?” Irene Lea: “So sad, a com­mu­nity wrecked.”

RES­I­DENTS in Poyn­ton are op­pos­ing a plan­ning ap­pli­ca­tion to cre­ate 12 new hol­i­day lodges Kate Robin­son: “I can think of worse build­ing projects to have in your neigh­bour­hood. But just won­der­ing how much de­mand there’d re­ally be for them?”

“We cer­tainly need to de­fend our green belt. Traf­fic is al­ready at break­ing point, and the roads in a hor­ri­ble con­di­tion.” Karen Lan­don: “We are hav­ing 250 lodges in an old quarry be­hind us.

“It was sup­posed to be re­stored to green field sta­tus when the quarry fin­ished.

“Some of the lodges are to be be­hind peo­ple’s gar­dens, so the res­i­dents are go­ing to get noise from that. It will be peo­ple on hol­i­day and peo­ple get­ting up early for work in the same small space. We tried our best and had many good rea­sons that is such not be build. Dan Inch­ley: us­ing such a devel­op­ment may wish to hold barbecues and parties, which may cause noise and dis­tur­bance and would ad­versely af­fect those liv­ing in the area. Sounds like a real fun ex­cit­ing life this per­son leads.

“If done within a wooded area and eco friendly, the nat­u­ral noise ab­sorp­tion of the nat­u­ral wood­land and area will re­duce con­sid­er­ably the noise, if any were pro­duced.

“Maybe the rules are that you are not al­lowed to make too much noise af­ter a cer­tain time?

“As for ‘they may wish to hold barbecues’, is this a new strange and to­tally mind-blow­ing con­cept for that per­son, or do some of Poyn­ton res­i­dents need to be dragged, kick­ing and “Those scream­ing, into the 21st cen­tury?

“Oddly enough, I am sure the road next to the pro­posed scheme will be pro­duc­ing more noise than the devel­op­ment them­selves.” Steve Wil­liams: “Sounds a good idea to me.”

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