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THIS week’s tips give ad­vice on shar­ing the road with vul­ner­a­ble road users:

Treat pedes­tri­ans in the way you would want to be treated. We all have to walk to get to var­i­ous des­ti­na­tions.

It is im­por­tant to give peo­ple the time and space they need to use the road, es­pe­cially those who have re­stricted mo­bil­ity.

Pay special at­ten­tion in the rain – you may just spot some­one so keen to get out of the rain they may not see you be­fore cross­ing the road in front of you.

Cy­clists need space too. They share our roads and are vul­ner­a­ble to other traf­fic. When driv­ing en­sure you have checked to see it’s safe be­fore chang­ing speed or di­rec­tion.

You may be in a hurry but be pa­tient; cy­clists are eas­ily af­fected by the el­e­ments and could wob­ble in in­stances of windy weather.

Be­fore you over­take them, make sure you have given them enough room as they could ad­just their road po­si­tion­ing un­ex­pect­edly for a pot­hole or drain. A few sec­onds de­lay is bet­ter than a life­time of re­gret.

Mo­bil­ity scoot­ers are be­com­ing more com­mon. This road user may have re­stricted move­ment, vi­sion or hear­ing. Give this road user plenty of space and time, look for any clues which might help you work out where they are head­ing.

Don’t scare an­i­mals. An­i­mals such as cows and sheep need to be driven past care­fully. Horses are nor­mally in ru­ral ar­eas and are ac­com­pa­nied by a rider. They could be ner­vous of traf­fic; how­ever po­lice horses can be spot­ted work­ing in any area. Turn the ra­dio down and keep the engine revs low, be pa­tient and take your time when pass­ing a horse. Keep your car well away from them and pro­ceed slowly.

Look out for mo­tor­cy­clists. They can be hard to see, es­pe­cially in blind spots cre­ated by pil­lars or when look­ing into the sun. You may find them fil­ter­ing in traf­fic so be­fore you change po­si­tion - Think Bike!

Driv­ers need to re­mem­ber they are in­side at least one tonne of highly en­gi­neered metal box fit­ted with all the lat­est safety features. Cy­clists and pedes­tri­ans have no airbags, crum­ple zones or seat­belts to pro­tect them.

Al­ways give more vul­ner­a­ble road users that ex­tra lit­tle bit of space and time so you can re­act. The roads will be a much nicer place if we share nicely.

Mo­torists need to give pedes­tri­ans time and space

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