Ex-graf­fiti artist TJ brings back Mac­cles­field’s first po­lice car


AN ARTIST who fell foul of the law over his graf­fiti art has pur­chased Mac­cles­field’s first ever po­lice car.

TJ Dolan has bought the black Wolse­ley 10 as part of a project on his fam­ily’s her­itage.

But in the mean­time the iconic car, which was used to fight crime in the town be­tween 1947 and 1955, has be­come his main set of wheels.

TJ bought the car at an auc­tion in York – but is keep­ing tight-lipped over how much he paid for it.

TJ, who was brought up in Mac­cles­field but now lives in Manch­ester, said: “I’m an hon­orary po­lice­man now, with my own po­lice car. The car’s in a re­ally good con­di­tion, it’s amaz­ing. It takes a while to get any­where but it can do around 65mph.

“It’s been fas­ci­nat­ing to get the car. It was £420 new and I’m only the fourth owner. It’s got all the orig­i­nal fea­tures, a work­ing Winkworth po­lice bell, traf­fi­ca­tors rather than in­di­ca­tors and the orig­i­nal en­gine and in­te­rior.

“It’s been great to bring it back to Mac­cles­field.”

TJ was sen­tenced to 15 months in prison in 2007 for leav­ing graf­fiti around Manch­ester and Cheshire.

But he told the Ex­press: “I’m fine with what hap­pened with me go­ing to prison. It’s part of the deal if you do graf­fiti. If I had a prob­lem with the po­lice, I wouldn’t buy a po­lice car.

TJ, 29, found out about the black Wolse­ley 10 while do­ing re­search about Mac­cles­field for his ex­hi­bi­tion. A few weeks ago he tracked it down to an auc­tion in York and has now brought it back to Mac­cles­field. He’s fig­ur­ing out how to use the car in his ex­hi­bi­tion and in the mean­time is us­ing it to get around.

The car was bought new in 1947 for the chief con­sta­ble of Con­gle­ton, RW James. It was when the lo­cal con­stab­u­lar­ies merged to form Cheshire Po­lice that the car was used in Mac­cles­field, from 1947 to 1955.

Af­ter that the car was bought by a pri­vate owner in Ire­land who kept it un­til 2009. A later owner re­stored it with the help of Cheshire Mu­seum of Polic­ing and Ar­chives.

TJ says it will go on loan to a mu­seum in Sh­effield un­less he can find some­where in Mac­cles­field.

He said: “I’d love for it to be dis­played in Mac­cles­field where it be­longs.

“My art ex­hi­bi­tion is based on a fic­tional char­ac­ter who is loosely based on my fam­ily’s her­itage. Some of the para­pher­na­lia such as this po­lice car will be used for im­ages, paint­ing prints and be in­cluded in the ex­hibit.

“This is the kind of thing I’m work­ing on, bring­ing things from our past into a new re­al­ity.”

Email TJ at hel­lokreky @ya­hoo.com.

Do­minic Sal­ter

Artist TJ Dolan with the car out­side Mac­cles­field po­lice HQ

Paul Beech’s be­fore and af­ter shots were shared on so­cial me­dia

Pic: Con­gle­ton Chron­i­cle

The Wolse­ley’s orig­i­nal owner, chief con­sta­ble RW James

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