Macc move saves life of busi­ness­man with tu­mour


ACHEF’S de­ci­sion to re­lo­cate to Mac­cles­field turned out to be life-sav­ing when his new doc­tor spot­ted he had a rare form of can­cer.

Oliver Doyle and part­ner Lind­say Meckie moved to Mac­cles­field in 2011 shortly af­ter open­ing Lord of the Pies on Ch­ester­gate.

But the de­ci­sion proved to be more than a wise busi­ness move when Dr Mark Bell, based at Cum­ber­land House Surgery, di­ag­nosed Oliver with can­cer of the adrenal gland – an ill­ness his pre­vi­ous doc­tor had put down to hy­per­ten­sion.

Oliver, 37, who un­der­went 12 hours of surgery to have the tu­mour re­moved, said the de­ci­sion to move to Mac­cles­field saved his life.

He said: “It was ef­fec­tively the busi­ness that saved my life.

“If we hadn’t moved to Mac­cles­field they reckon I would have had an­other year.

“I’d been suf­fer­ing from this con­di­tion for five years and none of the doc­tors I saw did any­thing about it.

“As soon as I saw Dr Bell he told me it was go­ing to be a bit of de­tec­tive work and put me in for all these tests.

“I had an ul­tra­sound the next day and two hours later he called me to say I needed to go in.”

The ul­tra­sound scan re­vealed a huge tu­mour, and Oliver was di­ag­nosed with pheochro­mo­cy­toma, a rare can­cer of the adrenal gland tis­sue.

He added: “It was scary. They said it was the big­gest tu­mour they’d ever seen.

“It was ob­vi­ously very trau­matic and the sur­vival rates were re­ally slim, so it was pretty bad.

“The doc­tors reckon I wouldn’t have sur­vived much longer if I hadn’t been treated for it.

“I have no doubt that Dr Bell saved my life. I owe him a lot.”

Now, less than a year af­ter an op­er­a­tion, Oliver and Lind­say, who also run a shop in Stock­port, are pre­par­ing to open a third premises in Chorl­ton, Manch­ester.

Oliver, who ad­mit­ted Lyn­d­say smug­gled in a pie and mash while he was re­cov­er­ing in hospi­tal, said: “I was adamant I wanted to get home and be get­ting back to work. I just cracked on and ev­ery day did a lit­tle bit of a walk and kept eat­ing good food.

“We wanted to do Chorl­ton be­cause we’d been set back for so long that we wanted to come out fight­ing.

“It’s been a tough build com­ing out not fully fit, but it’ll be a mas­sive achieve­ment when we open it be­cause of ev­ery­thing that’s hap­pened.”

The new site is set to open this spring and craft beer and real ale from Bolling­ton brew­eries will also be served if a li­cence ap­pli­ca­tion is ap­proved.

If all goes to plan, it will be the first of many more sites to come.

“Our main goal is to get in to Manch­ester city cen­tre,” said Oliver.

“That’s where we’re aim­ing for, we’re just mak­ing a few pit­stops and gath­er­ing some fire­power along the way.”

Vin­cent Cole

Oliver Doyle and Lind­say Meckie from Lord of the Pies

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