Dear Vicki, I’ve got a four-mon­thold Golden Re­triever cross Poo­dle who has ex­tremely dry skin. She’s been treated for mites but it’s made no dif­fer­ence. She’s back at the vets soon for a skin scrape but just won­der­ing what else it might be? The skin scrapes will be able to iden­tify any par­a­site but you could try mak­ing sure her diet has enough es­sen­tial fatty acids. You can do this by feed­ing her a high qual­ity puppy food which will help her skin health. Once the vet iden­ti­fies if there is a par­a­site caus­ing the prob­lem, you should be able to get to the bot­tom of the dry skin is­sue if it isn’t di­etre­lated. I’ve just been told my cat may have a con­di­tion start­ing with a ‘C’ but I can’t re­mem­ber what it is. It’s re­lated to his gums be­ing very sore. This sounds like Fe­line Cali­civirus (FCV). If it is this con­di­tion, there are ways of treat­ing it so don’t panic too much. Mon­i­tor his eat­ing for now and if you think he’s sore or in pain, take him back to your vet. FCV is very con­ta­gious and spread through con­tact with an in­fected cat’s saliva, for ex­am­ple shar­ing food and wa­ter bowls. My dog has trou­ble breath­ing af­ter he ex­er­cises and he coughs and wheezes. Can dogs suf­fer from asthma? It is pos­si­ble for dogs to suf­fer from asthma, which causes them to cough and wheeze. How­ever, there are other pos­si­ble causes for your dog’s prob­lems, such as bron­chi­tis, heart dis­ease, worms, al­ler­gies or even some­thing stuck in his throat. You need to take your dog to see your vet who may need to do some tests, such as chest x-rays, and can then ad­vise you on suit­able treat­ment.

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