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AFTER read­ing a ar­ti­cle by a el­derly pa­tient ex­plain­ing how some pa­tients hav­ing prob­lems with the (Park­ing Eye) at the prac­tices in med­i­cal cen­tre, I wanted to add some in­put to this story.

I am a pa­tient at one of the prac­tices, I man­aged to find and en­ter reg as ad­vised on en­ter­ing, I have been in­formed that if ap­point­ment runs over a hour, tell re­cep­tion so they aware of this.

As my ap­point­ment was 51 min­utes to be pre­cise I left the car park to get home as was not feel­ing at my best, hence doc­tor ap­point­ment, so did not have to in­form re­cep­tion as less then the hour as stated.

So the shock and an­noy­ance of to­day re­ceiv­ing a let­ter for Park­ing Eye for £70 park­ing fine.

Is just proof that there is a sys­tem in place, that maybe de­ter­ring peo­ple to be park­ing in pa­tients spa­ces which is un­der­stand­able,

But this sys­tem will be caus­ing stress and an­noy­ance to not only my­self but many more gen­uine pa­tients, then the added con­ve­nience of hav­ing to ring doc­tors to ar­range a pink form to send off with this let­ter to can­cel the park­ing fine.

A park­ing fine that should clearly have not been is­sued in first place. How many more times is this go­ing to hap­pen and why is it up to me the pa­tient in­no­cent party have to send this let­ter back with a pink form?

Who­ever was re­spon­si­ble for send­ing this let­ter to me which ac­tu­ally in black and white says 51 min­utes. I would have got some sat­is­fac­tion on hand­ing let­ter with pink form per­son­ally to who­ever re­spon­si­ble.

Thanks for let­ting me vent D Spencer via email


I WAS con­cerned to read this ar­ti­cle about the Se­nior Cit­i­zens Hall (‘Ac­tiv­ity group hits out at coun­cil plans to lease Se­nior Cit­i­zens Hall’ web­site Septem­ber 17).

Many years ago my mother and step-father were mem­bers of the then Se­nior Cit­i­zens Club for quite a few years. They were all asked to pay £1 for a brick to build this hall, which they all did.

They had lots of mem­bers and a very busy so­cial life at the club.

I at­tended with my mother for quite a few so­cial events such as craft sales, af­ter­noon teas, etc. I am hor­ri­fied to think that they now want to take it away from all the mem­bers of AIR who do such a great ser­vice for their mem­bers present and fu­ture. My mother had many a happy times in the hall. Surely there must be a record some­where of the buy a brick scheme. S Slater Buck­fast Close Mac­cles­field


AMID the sham­bles that is Cheshire East Coun­cil it is worth re­mem­ber­ing that its es­tab­lish­ment in 2008 was hardly at pop­u­lar re­quest.

There were cer­tainly a few zealots for the new coun­cil, but for years the Mac­cles­field district had been ef­fec­tively and re­spon­si­bly run by the for­mer Mac­cles­field Bor­ough and Cheshire County Coun­cil (for whom I used to work) with never a whiff of scan­dal.

If asked, Mac­cles­field­ers would have prob­a­bly cho­sen to stay as they were. But they weren’t asked and in her in­fi­nite wis­dom Hazel Blears, the then Com­mu­ni­ties Min­is­ter, de­cided to im­pose this new ar­ti­fi­cial coun­cil on ‘East Cheshire’, a con­cept that up till then had never been recog­nised. The out­come has been a dis­as­ter for lo­cal peo­ple, who de­serve bet­ter than this. Robin Wendt Ch­ester “CLAM­BER­ING men in big bad boots

Dug up my den, dug up my roots.

Treated us like plas­ticine town

They build us up and knocked us down...

“It’s build a house where we can stay, Add a new bit ev­ery­day. It’s build a road for us to cross,

Build us lots and lots and lots and lots…”

Those of us of a cer­tain age will well re­mem­ber how, with these words, the in­com­pa­ra­ble House­martins sang in 1987 about com­mu­ni­ties up­rooted and torn apart by post­war ur­ban re­gen­er­a­tion (“Build” - younger read­ers can look it up on YouTube).

Heaton & Cul­limore’s lyrics seem even more rel­e­vant to­day.

An­cient wood­lands bull­dozed and wet­land mead­ows drained for the sake of build­ing roads in Poyn­ton and Adling­ton (mainly to en­cour­age more road traf­fic to and from the air­port and into and out of Mac­cles­field), dens and roots are to be dug up in or­der to build “a new bit ev­ery­day” in Hen­bury, on the mead­ows and woods of Danes Moss (so-called “South Mac­cles­field De­vel­op­ment Area”), in the fields of Gaw End and the green spa­ces once gifted to King’s School.

And the le­gions of new res­i­dents oc­cu­py­ing all these new houses - what will they ac­tu­ally do with their time? No new jobs will be cre­ated (other than tem­po­rary work for “clam­ber­ing men - and women - in big bad boots”), there will be no schools for the chil­dren to at­tend, al­ready over­stretched med­i­cal and so­cial ser­vices will be un­able to cope.

Con­ser­va­tive politi­cians wring their hands over poli­cies de­cided by other Con­ser­va­tive politi­cians (at the be­hest of the build­ing in­dus­try that bankrolls their party).

Greens say “no more!” - real hous­ing needs in Mac­cles­field and else­where could be met by re­fur­bish­ing derelict houses, con­vert­ing dis­used mills, ware­houses and the upper floors of shops.

JUST been clob­bered by a Mac­cles­field Hos­pi­tal car park fine. No al­lowances for mit­i­gat­ing cir­cum­stances.

For their [fines] (£60/£100) surely they should in­clude a car wash and laun­dry ser­vice? Jenny Barth took this pic­ture of a rain­bow from Bo­nis Hall Lane. Email your pic­tures to mac­cles­field­ex­press@men­media. or add them to our Flickr page at­cpics.

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