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ANGER over car park fees rise plan. Cheshire East Coun­cil wants to raise charges by up to 20p an hour (Ex­press, Septem­ber 27 and web­site) Jo Mait­land: Let’s kill off town cen­tres once and for all. Are these peo­ple ac­tu­ally in touch with the real world? They should be re­mov­ing charges to en­cour­age shop­pers in. Wendy Brace­gir­dle: Ex­tra 20p to go look at op­ti­cians, books shops, and a cou­ple of very small high street shops? Pfft. Stock­port it is then. This town is like a ghost town. Andy El­lis: Dear coun­cil, please learn from the same mis­take made in other towns, in­creased park­ing charges drive busi­ness out of town. Fact. If you need to raise money, please find a method that doesn’t starve the town cen­tre of its lifeblood - shop­pers. Chris Stair­mand: Yet park­ing re­mains free in Con­gle­ton and other towns. It wasn’t a year ago where there was talk of park­ing be­com­ing cheaper in Mac­cles­field, even free. Paula Rath­mill: Take the tree lights down at Park Green that will save thou­sands of pounds then there will be no need to charge ex­tor­tion park­ing fees. I rarely use the town cen­tre these days as there’s noth­ing to see and would rather travel into Manch­ester for a proper days shop­ping! Si­mon Leah: Good way to fur­ther clog up the streets with cars dumped all day. Fence Av­enue is a per­fect ex­am­ple. The num­ber of cars parked is crazy - it is NOT to do with the school. You only have to drive along there in Au­gust.... of course when par­ents come to pick up their chil­dren there is nowhere for them to stop due to all the com­muters, so it ends in grid­lock. If park­ing costs in­crease it is only go­ing to get worse. Sian Hussey: I don’t drive and know park­ing in Mac­cles­field is ex­pen­sive to say the least. Have they ever been to these towns and ac­tu­ally seen the dam­age they are do­ing? Or in par­tic­u­lar our town. What a waste of money the re­de­vel­op­ment will be if they in­crease park­ing prices. Suzy Firkin: Charg­ing for car park­ing in Con­gle­ton town cen­tre def­i­nitely re­duced foot­fall. Whereas, at West Heath precinct, where park­ing is free, it is heav­ing. Just about to in­tro­duce car park­ing charges at the sta­tion too to bring it in line with Mac­cles­field and Kids­grove I guess. Alan Stock­ton: This just re­it­er­ates pre­vi­ous post. This gov­ern­ment in­sists on cut­tings coun­cil spend­ing, the coun­cil Tories should be phon­ing the gov­ern­ment for the money not bleed­ing the Mac­cles­field peo­ple dry. Me­lanie But­son: So they are sell­ing some car parks and hik­ing the cost of park­ing. How will this en­cour­age peo­ple to shop in the town cen­tre? What about the peo­ple who work in the town cen­tre? With re­duced foot­fall to shops, means jobs cuts and re­main­ing shops clos­ing. Bar­bara Slater: Won­der what the MP’s opin­ion is? Where is our money go­ing? I don’t drive to Stock­port now be­cause of the park­ing and pre­fer Macc. If they bring in park­ing charges in Poyn­ton there will be a re­volt. Sharon Good­ier: How to kill the town cen­tre com­pletely! Un­be­liev­able! Tell you what, just get rid of Macc town cen­tre al­to­gether & have no shops at all eh?!? Rob Ver­non: What do they think this is go­ing to achieve? They know full well the im­pact on the town cen­tre. Sooner we get rid of the Con­ser­va­tives on Cheshire East Coun­cil, the bet­ter. Su­san­nah Mid­dle­ton: Putting car park­ing prices up causes more peo­ple to park on side streets. Res­i­dents on my street have had enough as we can’t park in the day. David Oliver-Moore: Macc hasn’t changed its men­tal­ity for over 30 years.. peo­ple just take it from the coun­cil and then whine about things.. Christina Webb: When the is­sue of park­ing fees came up orig­i­nally Cheshire East Coun­cil jus­ti­fied the larger park­ing fees for Mac­cles­field by say­ing that over time park­ing fees in all ar­eas would har­monise. Is this an­other bro­ken prom­ise? Dorothy Fletcher: Carry on it will be cheaper to walk to town and get a taxi back! Or you’ll en­cour­age peo­ple to shop else­where so shoot your­self in the foot! You get bet­ter results with sugar than vine­gar, try low­er­ing them and get more cus­tomers in shops or put them up and lose out al­to­gether! Eric Waite: Surely CE should be re­duc­ing park­ing charges to en­cour­age shop­pers into town. Plain stupid and greedy. The town is al­ready dead. So lets bury it now. Bill Keel­ing: Well they were voted in by the good peo­ple of CE. Even a cir­cus would strug­gle to match the num­ber of clowns we have on CE coun­cil. Maria Wood: Should be re­duced by 20p not in­creased. Greedy nasty CE!! Su­san Wood­ward: That will stop out­side peo­ple com­ing to Mac­cles­field. Bar­bara Allen: Dis­gust­ing, why oh why, are they do­ing this.

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