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see you soon I hope. Xx Jes­sica Sim­cock: Those pies are amaz­ing! Shaun Wilde: Oh No!

COUN­CIL ap­proves 150 homes on green belt. The scheme for land off Dick­ens Lane, Poyn­ton, has been al­lowed de­spite lo­cal op­po­si­tion (web­site, Novem­ber 8) John Devlin: Ab­so­lute joke! Build­ing on the green belt, but can’t reach a de­ci­sion on what to do with Bar­racks Lane site?! The artists im­pres­sion of how that site might look that was on the front page of the Macc Ex­press some time ago, ba­si­cally showed a car park and a Costa cof­fee shop. Just what’s needed an­other chain store shop in a town where small lo­cal busi­nesses are an en­dan­gered species! Who the hell comes up with these schemes?! It’s al­most as if the planning depart­ment want a com­pletely mass pro­duced town cen­tre and nowhere to go for a walk in the coun­try­side! Chris Wain­wright: Hav­ing lived in Poyn­ton for 70-plus years, I think we need new life, less wim­per­ing and a more pos­i­tive at­ti­tude to our (now) town. When I was in my for­ma­tive years, there was no Hock­ley Es­tate. No Tree Es­tate. No Ver­non Es­tate. No Waitrose, Mor­risons. No Queensway or School Lane Es­tate. Park Lane was houses – apart from a few shops – and more to the point, very few cars. Take it on peo­ple, times, as Dy­lan said, are a’chang­ing. Em­brace it! ‘Nuff said! Den­nis Orme: And you could get fresh Ho­vis from Ban­croft’s. Sharon Pol­lard: Yes it’s one big mess, clone town. Maria Wood: More green­belt land. This is get­ting be­yond sen­si­ble. John Hunt: We’re all wast­ing our time if it’s deemed to go ahead IT WILL! Nowt you can do about it..... Sharon Pol­lard: Poyn­ big grid­lock to avoid

JUDGE backs coun­cil’s £1,000 lit­ter fine. A man who had to fork out more than £1,000 af­ter be­ing caught drop­ping a cig­a­rette has lost his ap­peal against Cheshire East Coun­cil’s penalty (web­site Novem­ber 7) Mark Ee­les: I have never smoked and hate ev­ery­thing that goes with smok­ing...but we need to take this fine into per­spec­tive.

A coun­cil can fine you up to £1,000. The law courts from be­fore the bench in pre­vi­ous is­sues of Macc Ex­press can fine some­one £200 plus costs with a Com­mu­nity Ser­vice order for a Sec­tion 31 as­sault...has the world gone mad? Or is it just Cheshire? Pete Wat­son: If they pro­vided spe­cific bins not just the few refuse bins for smok­ers to put them in safely the pop­u­lous of the town would keep it cleaner for them­selves. Richard Hud­son: Or just read the ac­tual ar­ti­cle and see it’s an £80 fine and the rest is court costs be­cause he pleaded not guilty? Mark Ee­les: I think it is the fact that they can fine up to £1,000 that has caught every­one’s eye.. Dan May­ers: Poor smok­ers. Al­ways be­ing made the vic­tim. It does seem like a very steep fine, but then again, there are peo­ple out there who still think it’s okay to throw pack­ag­ing out of car win­dows, on the move. Lit­ter­ing of any kind is just lazy and so un­nec­es­sary. A pretty easy fine to avoid in fu­ture. Just say­ing. Amanda Bar­nett: I do smoke and put it out prop­erly but we need more butt boxes even if it’s the foil ones spread around the town and peo­ple would use them! Ca­role Poyser: Mmm funny drug­gies, robbers and worse are ok to do what they want, my poor 83 year old mum is scared of drop­ping a tis­sue. Tom Dren­nan: The fine was £80 and £930 costs, be­cause he pleaded not guilty. If he had pleaded guilty (as he was) the fine would be £80. About the same as for park­ing il­le­gally. Stephen McDer­mott: Still dra­co­nian. What you’re ad­vo­cat­ing is “plead guilty or else”. Call that jus­tice? I don’t. Where’s the sig­nage and waste dis­posal units (ash­trays)? Or are we ex­pect­ing smok­ers to put them out in their hand and put them in their pocket. Whether you like it on not, smok­ing is not il­le­gal. Tom Dren­nan: Smok­ing is not il­le­gal in Mac­cles­field but it is il­le­gal to dis­card the butts. He pleaded not guilty al­though he knew he WAS guilty. That re­sulted in a re­quire­ment for the ju­di­cial sys­tem to pro­ceed. That costs money, he has to pay for it. Like it or not that’s the sys­tem. Lessons learned? 1. Don’t break the law. 2. Don’t plead not guilty if you are guilty. Now let’s stop all the whin­ing. Anna Pacheco: It’s does seem to be that smok­ers are be­ing alien­ated and victimised these days. Granted lit­ter­ing is bad but fa­cil­i­ties to put a burn­ing cig­a­rette out are lim­ited in truth. Surely butts are degrad­able too? I don’t smoke any­more but I ac­cepted the ban with­out a prob­lem and I’ve al­ways tried to be con­sid­er­ate of non smok­ers but treat­ing smok­ers like so­ci­ety cur­rently does is get­ting un­ac­cept­able. The gov­ern­ment isn’t earn­ing tax from us now we’re stop­ping so they’re pe­nal­is­ing the re­main­ing smok­ers in what­ever why they can. Tom Robin­son: Think they walk around with cam­eras, if you didn’t pay you’d end up like this guy with a £1k fine. LAST week, the coun­cil Cab­i­net voted to with­draw most bus sub­si­dies in Cheshire East.

In an act of pure po­lit­i­cal short-term op­por­tunism, they are end­ing fund­ing for all Sun­day ser­vices and most evening routes. For the sake of sav­ing £1 mil­lion, they will cut life­lines for thou­sands in Mac­cles­field, the sur­round­ing vil­lages and the rest of the bor­ough.

As one Mac­cles­field res­i­dent says in this week’s Ex­press: “Lo­cal bus ser­vices are vi­tal for peo­ple to travel to work, to go shop­ping, to go to Leighton Hos­pi­tal, to visit loved ones and more. This coun­cil hasn’t re­alised the huge dev­as­tat­ing im­pact they would have on com­mu­ni­ties if they were to go through.”

Even a Con­ser­va­tive coun­cil­lor (Andrew Kolker, Dane Val­ley) is quoted by the BBC, warn­ing that the cuts could mean there is “lit­er­ally no ac­cess to food” in some parts of the bor­ough.

The coun­cil held a “con­sul­ta­tion”, but their only con­ces­sion to nearly 4,000 res­i­dents telling them they rely on “out of hours” buses has been to keep a hand­ful of evening routes go­ing.

Ser­vices have al­ready been cut to the bone, with no Sun­day buses to vil­lages like Pott Shrigley and Bosley and no mid­week evening buses even in a town like Bolling­ton.

Cut­ting pub­lic trans­port in order to keep coun­cil tax rises down is a false econ­omy.

Those with no ac­cess to a car may have to pay taxi fares to get to work or the shops or to visit friends and fam­ily.

Forc­ing peo­ple to rely even more on pri­vate trans­port can only in­crease pol­lut­ing emis­sions as well as adding to the road main­te­nance bill.

The leisure econ­omy could be hit as it be­comes harder to ac­cess the Peak District and other coun­try­side ar­eas.

No more bus cuts!

This week’s Big Pic­ture is Rain­bows over Mac­cles­field by Cather­ine Mull­hol­land. Email yours to mac­cles­field­ex­press@men­ or add them to our Flickr page at­cpics. We’ll print the best ones.

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