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This month, I look at a ques­tion about book­mark­ing au­dio­book files, help solve a prob­lem with iTunes me­dia on an ex­ter­nal hard drive and an is­sue with app up­dates in iTunes, and then dis­cuss Ap­ple’s cloud of­fer­ings for mu­sic.

Don’t for­get

Q: Is there any way to set the Re­mem­ber Play­back Po­si­tion op­tion so it is on by de­fault for all new tracks? I lis­ten to a lot of au­dio­books, and I have to man­u­ally set that op­tion each time I add new books to my iTunes li­brary. If iTunes could do that au­to­mat­i­cally for all new loaded files, it would make life eas­ier.

A: This is an es­sen­tial set­ting for lis­ten­ing to au­dio­books. When you check this op­tion (to ac­cess it, se­lect a group of tracks, press Com­mand-I, click the Op­tions tab, then check Re­mem­ber Play­back Po­si­tion), iTunes and i-OS de­vices re­mem­ber where you stop lis­ten­ing to a track. This is use­ful for au­dio­books, so you don’t have to rewind and fast for­ward to re­mem­ber where you left off. In ad­di­tion, this po­si­tion syncs be­tween iTunes and iOS de­vices, so you can lis­ten to part of a book with iTunes, then pick it up from the ex­act same lo­ca­tion on your iOS de­vice.

As to it be­ing pos­si­ble to have it on by de­fault, this would only make sense for those peo­ple whose li­braries are mostly or en­tirely made up of au­dio­books. You wouldn’t want your mu­sic tagged like this; if you stopped lis­ten­ing to a song, the next time it comes up, it would start up in the mid­dle.

I rec­om­mend you cre­ate a playlist in iTunes (File → New → Playlist), and add all new au­dio­books to this playlist. You can then se­lect all the tracks, make the change and delete the books from this playlist. This way, you won’t have to search your iTunes li­brary to find your new au­dio­books.

Funny up­dates

Q: The iTunes app has re­cently started telling me that the up­date to the Pod­casts app for i-OS is only avail­able on i-OS. If I fol­low the in­struc­tions

‘To get Pod­casts, search for it on the App Store for your iOS de­vice,’ I don’t find it. Ditto for Find My Friends, an­other Ap­ple app that now can only be up­dated on an iOS de­vice. What’s go­ing on?

A: Yes, this hap­pened to me as well, right af­ter Ap­ple re­leased the first beta ver­sions of iOS 10. Here’s what’s go­ing on.

With iOS 10, you’ll be able to ‘re­move’ apps from your iOS de­vice. (Ac­tu­ally, they won’t be re­moved, just hid­den.) To get them back, you’ll have to go to the iTunes Store, and ‘down­load’ them again. (You won’t ac­tu­ally down­load any­thing, but the iTunes Store will flip a switch to show the app anew.)

As a re­sult of this, a cou­ple of apps – Pod­casts and Find My Friends – that were orig­i­nally avail­able sep­a­rately from iOS, now show as hav­ing up­dates avail­able. We are see­ing this be­cause we orig­i­nally down­loaded those apps when they were first avail­able, and still have ver­sions of them in our iTunes li­braries. Other users, who didn’t down­load the apps, but have only used them since they were bun­dled with iOS, won’t see this.

Just delete the apps from your iTunes li­brary, and they won’t show as hav­ing up­dates any more.

Can’t save, won’t save

Q: I re­cently moved my iTunes li­brary from my MacBook to an ex­ter­nal hard drive. Ev­ery­thing looked fine un­til I went to im­port a CD and iTunes told me it couldn’t save the files. The same thing hap­pened when I tried adding some MP3 files. And I can’t even down­load mu­sic I’ve pur­chased from the iTunes Store. What’s go­ing on?

A: It sounds like a per­mis­sions is­sue on the ex­ter­nal drive. Se­lect that drive in the Fin­der, press Com­mand-I, and then click the pad­lock at the bot­tom of the win­dow and en­ter your pass­word. Check Ig­nore Own­er­ship on this Vol­ume.

I don’t know why this hap­pens, but I’ve seen it off and on over the years. I’ve long used an ex­ter­nal drive to store my me­dia, and even if my user has read and write per­mis­sions (as in the im­age on the left), it some­times gets stuck. I also find that, from time to time, the box gets unchecked, and I have to go back and change the set­ting.

Which cloud is best for me?

Q: Can I use iCloud Mu­sic Li­brary with my iMac and iOS de­vices with­out sub­scrib­ing to Ap­ple Mu­sic or iTunes Match? I’d like to store my iTunes mu­sic in the cloud and then be able to stream it from any Ap­ple de­vice.

A: No, iCloud Mu­sic Li­brary is part of each of those sub­scrip­tion ser­vices; you can’t use the cloud with­out pay­ing for it. If you want to have your mu­sic in the cloud, but not stream any­thing from Ap­ple Mu­sic, then iTunes Match is the bet­ter deal, at only £21.99 per year. While there have been changes an­nounced to iTunes Match and Ap­ple Mu­sic, they won’t af­fect the avail­abil­ity of iTunes Match in the im­me­di­ate fu­ture.

Use this op­tion to make your au­dio­books book­mark­able

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