Ran­dom grain ro­ta­tion

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Noth­ing screams pixel au­to­ma­tion like uni­for­mity, and in a paint­ing that is rarely a good thing. Painter 2018 of­fers im­prove­ments to its grain

tech­nol­ogy that boosts both brush and pa­per ran­dom­iza­tion. The new Ran­dom Grain Ro­ta­tion and Ran­dom Grain Po­si­tion op­tions vary the pa­per grain a wee tad with each stroke, mak­ing your brush­strokes look more ran­dom.

Af­ter choos­ing a grainy brush, just en­able ran­dom grain ro­ta­tion and/or grain po­si­tion, and Painter will ro­tate the grain in each in­di­vid­ual stroke to achieve a more nat­u­ral look. The set­tings can be ap­plied to any brush with a grain set­ting. No ad­di­tional skill is needed to per­form this op­er­a­tion, but this fea­ture will boost the qual­ity of any art­work more eas­ily than artists could do in the past.

The Ran­dom Grain Ro­ta­tion and Ran­dom Grain Po­si­tion check­boxes pro­vide an easy way to make your paint­ings look more nat­u­ral

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