10. Nid­hogg 2

Price: £10.99 from Steam (tinyurl.com/yc­n5juz4)

Macworld - - Round- Up -

The orig­i­nal Nid­hogg was beloved for its fast­paced, grue­some sword-fight­ing du­els, al­beit with an ul­tra lo-fi aes­thetic that looked Atari-es­que in ori­gin. Now Nid­hogg 2 is here, keep­ing the same kind of one-on-one premise while swap­ping in a grotesque, Clay­ma­tion-es­que look that’s equally un­set­tling and hi­lar­i­ous at the same time.

Yet the ac­tion re­mains fast and fun. You’ll start at op­po­site sides of a 2D plain and try to get to the other end by any means pos­si­ble, whether it’s slash­ing your op­po­nent with a sword, fill­ing your foe with ar­rows, or stomp­ing his head in the ground. And you can bat­tle ei­ther lo­cally or on­line, with an eight-player tour­na­ment mode added as well.

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