How to: Open Ex­cel spread­sheets in Num­bers

Ro­man Loyola re­veals how to ac­cess Ex­cel files in Num­bers

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If you use Ex­cel on a Mac, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can save the spread­sheets you cre­ate and open them in Num­bers, Ap­ple’s spread­sheet app. It’s a handy fea­ture to use in case you can’t ac­cess Mi­crosoft’s apps.

Im­port Ex­cel spread­sheets into Num­bers

This pro­ce­dure works with .xlsx and .xls file for­mats. You can also im­port .csv and tab-de­lim­ited files.

1. Launch Num­bers (it’s in the Ap­pli­ca­tions folder of your Mac).

2. In the win­dow that au­to­mat­i­cally opens when you launch the app, nav­i­gate to the lo­ca­tion of your Ex­cel file. For ex­am­ple, if it’s in Doc­u­ments, click on the Doc­u­ments folder in the left side­bar. (You can also click on the File menu and se­lect Open, then nav­i­gate to your spread­sheet.)

3. Once you’ve lo­cated your file, se­lect it and click Open. A progress win­dow will ap­pear.

4. A win­dow may ap­pear, ex­plain­ing any changes that were made dur­ing the im­port process. The

more com­pli­cate your Ex­cel spread­sheet (lots of for­mu­las, charts, and so on), the higher the pos­si­bil­ity that a change had to be made. The sim­pler the spread­sheet, the more your file will re­sem­ble what you cre­ated in Ex­cel.

5. That’s it. The Ex­cel file should open in Num­bers.

Be­fore you start work­ing on your spread­sheet, look it over care­fully. For­mat­ting may have changed, espe­cially with charts. Check to make sure the for­mu­las you are us­ing are in­tact. There’s al­ways a chance that so much hap­pened dur­ing the im­port that you can’t use your spread­sheet.

Ex­port Num­bers files as Ex­cel spread­sheets

If you’ve been work­ing in Num­bers and will even­tu­ally re­turn to Ex­cel, you can ex­port your spread­sheet as an Ex­cel file. Here’s how.

1. In Num­bers, click on the File menu and move your cur­sor to ‘Ex­port to’.

2. A pop-up menu will ap­pear. Se­lect Ex­cel.

3. In the Ex­port Your Spread­sheet win­dow that ap­pears next, you can opt to in­clude a sum­mary work­sheet and re­quire a pass­word. Click on the Ad­vanced Op­tions, and you can se­lect be­tween .xlsx and .xls file for­mats. Click Next when you have fin­ished se­lect­ing your op­tions.

4. Choose where you want to save the file and name it.

5. When you click Ex­port, this will save the file.

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