23 hours, non-stop, easy!

MCN - - This Week In MCN - David Gib­son, email

In re­sponse to the let­ters say­ing peo­ple who do big dis­tances are be­ing ma­cho rather than safe. I don’t think I’m ma­cho, even though I have done a dis­tance of 1680 miles in 23 hours non-stop. I rode from the Costa del Sol to Cheshire UK. I just thought how amaz­ing mod­ern mo­tor­cy­cles are, and how far they have ad­vanced. I com­pleted this jour­ney on a 2013 ZZR1400 and lit­er­ally parked up when I got home and went to the pub. I had zero phys­i­cal fa­tigue. My in­put was min­i­mal, the bike cos­seted me all the way.

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