Crazy in­ven­tor builds a car­a­van to tow be­hind his 1400GTR!

Tiny home-built car­a­van is pulled by Kawasaki sports-tourer


In­ven­tor Kevin Riggs built this car­a­van for his Kawasaki 1400GTR and says ev­ery time he takes it on the road he’s treated like a celebrity. “Cars pass on dual-car­riage­ways and slow down along­side,” says the 55-year-old en­gi­neer. “You look across and ev­ery­one in the car is video­ing and smil­ing. It’s the same at bike meets. I took it to Paign­ton and was get­ting more at­ten­tion than £100,000 bikes!”

Riggs was in­spired to build it af­ter hear­ing about tiny car­a­vans made by Swift years ago. “They made 10 as dis­play pieces and were sold through Har­rods, but I wanted to make one for a bike – so I did!”

“I spent a very long time work­ing out the di­men­sions and whether it ac­tu­ally was pos­si­ble,” Riggs told MCN. “My car­a­van is classed as a bike trailer and is the max­i­mum size per­mis­si­ble: 2.5m from the tow­ing hitch to the back and just 1m wide. So I bought an axle and then just built it in my back gar­den. Peo­ple think that it’s made out of glass­fi­bre but it’s ac­tu­ally con­structed from ply­wood. But it’s still light, even fully-loaded it weighs just 141kg.”

It’s also fully-equipped: “There is light­ing, USB points to charge your phone, a 12v fan for ven­ti­la­tion and an elec­tric toi­let with a re­mov­able cas­sette for waste. It’ll sleep two as well, though you do have to sleep on your side. You can lie down eas­ily: I’m 6ft2in and it’s just a cou­ple of inches shorter in­side than that.

“I’ve done around 1000 miles in it so far. The GTR pulls the weight with­out any has­sle, though you don’t want to go above 60mph. It’s not so much the sta­bil­ity as the aero­dy­nam­ics; all the buf­fet­ing gets passed back to the bike. I’m think­ing of tak­ing it on a road trip to Ger­many, but I’ll avoid the au­to­bahns!”

‘At Paign­ton I got more at­ten­tion than £100,000 bikes’


Riggs’ car­a­van is classed as a trailer and is the max­i­mum size al­lowed

On the in­side there’s room for two – just

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