Unite weightlift­ing with car­dio in this plan to build lean mass

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A four-week plan for lean mus­cle

How to split your time be­tween burning fat and build­ing mus­cle is a com­mon prob­lem. But you don’t have to com­pro­mise if you have an ef­fec­tive way to com­bine them in one work­out. ‘In­ter­val weight train­ing (IWT) is a fan­tas­tic way to de­velop strength and en­durance and blast fat with­out los­ing mus­cle mass in one full-body work­out,’ says trainer Stu­art Wal­ton, who de­vised this plan.

Coach Pat O’Shea de­signed IWT for sports­men – but the com­bi­na­tion of power, strength and sprint- style con­di­tion­ing each work­out de­mands means it’s also an ex­cel­lent tool for torch­ing fat. In Wal­ton’s ver­sion of IWT, each work­out is made up of three phases. Phases one and two pair an ex­plo­sive power devel­op­ment lift with a two-minute high-in­ten­sity burst. Phase three typ­i­cally works what­ever is miss­ing, so if the first two phases are pull-fo­cused, th­ese moves will con­cen­trate on push­ing.

As a re­sult you’ll boost your work ca­pac­ity and im­prove your physique with ev­ery work­out. Prob­lem solved.


Ev­ery work­out in­cludes three su­per­sets – pairs of moves done back to back with no rest – that work your whole body. Ide­ally you’ll do four work­outs a week in the or­der they’re laid out, rest­ing

WEEKS 1 + 2

Find out your one-rep max for the strength and power lifts, and lift 50-60% of this weight in moves 1A and 2A. For ex­er­cises 1B and 2B, al­ways record the num­ber of reps or dis­tance cov­ered dur­ing the two-minute in­ter­val so you can mon­i­tor your progress. To get the full ben­e­fit of th­ese moves, aim to work at 90-95% of your max heart rate.

WEEKS 3 + 4

Re­peat the first two weeks’ rou­tines but, to in­crease train­ing in­ten­sity to work your mus­cles harder and burn more fat in the process, aim to in­crease the weight you lift or dis­tance you cover dur­ing the in­ter­vals, and in the third phase re­duce your rest be­tween sets from 60 to 30 sec­onds.

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