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IN­GRE­DI­ENTS (SERVES 4) 2 cel­ery sticks, finely chopped / 3 pota­toes, peeled and diced / 1 car­rot, sliced / 2tbsp sun­flower oil / 1 red onion, chopped / 450g turkey steak, diced / 25g plain flour / 700ml chicken stock / 100g sweet­corn / 100g frozen peas / 300ml dou­ble cream / Salt and pep­per TO MAKE Boil the pota­toes and car­rots un­til ten­der. Drain, then re­move a quar­ter of the pota­toes and mash. Heat the oil in a pan, add the onion and cook over low heat for 5min. Add the car­rot, cel­ery and turkey and cook for 5min, stir­ring fre­quently. Mix the flour with a lit­tle stock and add to the pan with the rest of the stock and the mash. Cook, stir­ring, un­til thick­ened and smooth. Sim­mer for 5min. Stir in the sweet­corn, peas, cream, potato and sea­son­ing. Sim­mer for 5min. BRITISHTURKEY.CO.UK


IN­GRE­DI­ENTS (SERVES 4) 2 cel­ery sticks, chopped / 2tbsp rape­seed oil / 8 chicken thigh fil­lets / 1 onion, sliced / 2 gar­lic cloves, crushed / 1 red pep­per, chopped / 1 green pep­per, chopped / 1tsp chilli pow­der / 1tsp ground gin­ger / 300g rice / 400ml chicken stock / 2tbsp soy sauce / 400g canned chopped toma­toes / 1 sprig thyme / 100g cooked prawns

TO MAKE Heat the oil in a large casse­role dish. Add the chicken and brown, then set aside. Cook the onion for 2-3min. Add the gar­lic, cel­ery and pep­pers and cook for 3-4min. Add the chicken, chilli pow­der and gin­ger and stir. Add the rice, stock, soy sauce, toma­toes and thyme. Stir well, scat­ter the prawns on top, then cover and leave to cook for 20-25min or un­til the rice is cooked. Check af­ter 1015min and add a lit­tle hot wa­ter if needed. KIKKO­MAN.CO.UK


IN­GRE­DI­ENTS (SERVES 2) 1 cel­ery stick, diced / 1tbsp olive oil / 1 onion, chopped / 1 car­rot, peeled and diced / 1 gar­lic clove, crushed / 200g canned lentils / 200g chopped toma­toes / 1tbsp tomato purée / 1tsp dried oregano / 1tsp dried thyme / 400ml veg stock / 150g whole­meal pasta / 50g parme­san, grated

TO MAKE Heat the oil and cook the onions, gar­lic, car­rots and cel­ery for 10min over a medium heat. Stir in the toma­toes, purée, herbs and stock and sim­mer for an­other 15min. Add the lentils and leave over a low heat while you cook the pasta ac­cord­ing to packet in­struc­tions. Mix the pasta and sauce and serve topped with grated parme­san. KAROLGLADKI.COM

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