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When you look closely, six-packs aren’t all that pretty. In fact, they’re al­most… ugly. There are a few that verge on artis­tic, with per­fect con­tours and sym­me­try, but most look like badly cob­bled roads. So why are we all – and I count my­self in this group – so ob­sessed with hav­ing one?

If it’s be­cause we think women will like us more, we should think again. In a num­ber of stud­ies, firm, strong glutes and mus­cu­lar arms were found to ap­peal to women far more than wellde­fined abs. So if we’re do­ing it for the ladies in our lives, we’d be bet­ter off fo­cus­ing our ef­forts else­where.

In part it might be about what a six­pack rep­re­sents. It doesn’t come easy – you need to train hard and eat well to get it, and to main­tain it you need to keep this up for, well, ever. So a six-pack says you’re some­one who knows how to work hard and com­mit to some­thing. It also gives the im­pres­sion of func­tion­al­ity and ath­leti­cism (although hav­ing one doesn’t guar­an­tee a high level of sport­ing per­for­mance).

But even if our de­sire for a wash­board stom­ach is fu­elled by mis­guided logic, the pur­suit of abs is no bad thing – far from it. If, in your bid to get them, you fol­low a well-rounded pro­gramme and eat prop­erly, you’re go­ing to get health­ier, stronger and more mo­bile. And that’s what this is­sue is all about – get­ting abs while also get­ting a lot fit­ter. We don’t do abs for abs’ sake.

On p64, four of the UK’s most ripped men re­veal their six-pack se­crets – you’ll be sur­prised how lit­tle time some of them spend train­ing their abs to get their abs. We also give you a two-week plan (p137) packed with work­outs that in­crease the size and strength of your abs and then scorch fat from your belly so ev­ery­one can see them. And your abs mus­cles need fuel to grow, so join us as we search for the UK’s best burger (p95) – and let us treat you to a free one with our ex­clu­sive GBK voucher on p81.

But be­fore you do that, ask your­self this: what could be bet­ter than a six­pack? How about an im­pres­sive set of shoul­ders, big chest and back and pow­er­ful legs to go with them? In your hands you’re hold­ing the blue­print for ex­actly that. Nick­Hutch­ings, edi­tor

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