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Duath­letes and triath­letes carve out huge VO2 maxes with count­less hours of swim­ming, cy­cling and run­ning. Most of the time they’re done separately but, to max­imise gains and mimic the race sit­u­a­tion, they’re of­ten ticked off one af­ter the other. The most com­mon ‘brick’, as th­ese ses­sions are termed, is the bike to run, which works lots of mus­cles in the lower body.

‘One of my favourite ses­sions is a three­hour ride, fea­tur­ing a few hills but keep­ing my heart rate at around 65-70% of max­i­mum,’ says South African Kyle Buck­ing­ham, who fin­ished in the top 30 at the re­cent Iron­man World Cham­pi­onships, putting him among the fittest ath­letes in the world. ‘That doesn’t sound like a lot but it re­ally builds en­durance.’

‘Fol­low this with a 30min mid-to-high­in­ten­sity run,’ says Buck­ing­ham. That brief run may not sound a lot but post-bike your legs will feel like jelly. You don’t have to be a triath­lete to ben­e­fit from th­ese, although if you do them for six months you might be ready to race Buck­ing­ham in Hawaii.


One of th­ese each week is plenty, ide­ally at the week­end where you have more time to ex­er­cise and more time to re­cover.

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