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Ryan Terry uses 60:40 train­ing to make his

six-pack pos­i­tively three-di­men­sional

used to be one of those guys who’d train their abs for 20 min­utes six times a week,’ says Ryan Terry, win­ner of mul­ti­ple body­build­ing ti­tles in­clud­ing Mis­ter In­ter­na­tional. ‘I had the shape but never the size, be­cause I was never giv­ing the mus­cles time to re­cover. Now I train them like any other mus­cle group: us­ing heavy weights and giv­ing them three to four days off.’

And he’s never looked bet­ter. Terry’s ap­proach to his abs work­outs is characterised by what he calls a 60:40 split. ‘I’ll go hard on my up­per abs one day, do­ing weighted crunches and hang­ing leg raises, and lighter on my side abs (transver­sus and obliques). Then in the next ses­sion I’ll do the op­po­site – go­ing hard on the obliques.’

As for nu­tri­tion, Terry’s less di­dac­tic than some. ‘I eat five or six times a day, with all my carbs in the first four meals,’ he says. ‘I’d sug­gest keep­ing your diet cave­man-style, eat­ing com­plex carbs and high-en­ergy fat sources such as steak or mack­erel. And try set­ting your­self a four-week goal – if you’ve got a time­frame in mind, you can stay on track. Just say­ing, “I want to eat health­ier from now on” is un­sus­tain­able.’

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