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SEC Sup­port your weight with your feet and fore­arms, keep­ing your body in line, feet to­gether and el­bows di­rectly un­der your shoul­ders. Squeeze your abs and core to help you keep your hips up. Terry says ‘I work up to 90 sec­onds. Once that feels easy, I add a weight plate to my up­per back.


EACH SIDE Stand side-on to a ca­ble ma­chine with the han­dle at­tached to the top, hold­ing it with both hands. Chop your hands down and across your body in a swing­ing ac­tion. Re­turn to the start. Terry says ‘The se­cret is to keep it slow and con­trolled. Don’t add too much weight – just make sure you’re get­ting as much time un­der ten­sion as pos­si­ble.’


O EACH SIDE Sit hold­ing a medicine ball in front of your chest with both hands. Keep­ing a slight bend in your legs, tense your core and slowly twist to ei­ther side with­out let­ting the weight or your legs drop. Terry says ‘Again, slow and con­trolled is the key. You can do th­ese with a weight plate or ket­tle­bell too.’

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