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Shaun Stafford makes abs-build­ing a science, with his cut­ting-edge

ap­proach to macros and his chem­istry-driven train­ing plan

t’s about putting a bit more ef­fort in,’ says Shaun Stafford, owner of City Ath­letic gym, a regular on the in­ter­na­tional fit­ness­model cir­cuit and two-time WBFF Pro world body­build­ing cham­pion. ‘Do­ing that ex­tra work­out, stay­ing dis­ci­plined and hav­ing that ex­tra meal in­stead of go­ing, “OK, I’ve had three, I can skip one”. Be­cause here’s the se­cret: once you put that ex­tra 10% ef­fort in for long enough, it be­comes nor­mal to do that. Then it gets eas­ier.’

It helps, of course, when you know what you’re do­ing – and be­cause he un­der­stands the prin­ci­ples be­hind fat loss and mus­cle gain, Stafford has faith in his plan. ‘ My work­outs are based on us­ing the body’s lac­tic acid pathways for fat loss,’ he says. ‘I do a lot of su­per­sets with short rest pe­ri­ods. I hit the gym four days a week, and on other days I do a gen­tler ac­tiv­ity, like play­ing foot­ball or walk­ing the dog. A dog’s the best thing you can get for fat loss.’ Plus it’ll lower the fat-stor­ing stress hor­mone cor­ti­sol. Win-win.

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