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The first up­mar­ket burger chain and still the big­gest, GBK has opened more than 60 restau­rants across the UK since launch­ing its orig­i­nal branch in Lon­don in 2001.

THE BEEF ‘All our beef comes from farms in the south­west coun­ties, pre­dom­i­nantly Glouces­ter­shire, Som­er­set and Wilt­shire,’ says Tim Molema, GBK’s head of food. ‘It all gets sent to our own abat­toir, just out­side Bris­tol, where the key thing is that we’ve got one per­son grad­ing the meat. This means we can main­tain a level of qual­ity and con­sis­tency that you wouldn’t get in a big pro­cess­ing plant. The beef it­self is all grass-fed to en­sure it of­fers max­i­mum nu­tri­tional value. We use a mix­ture of fore­quar­ter cuts and aim for around 20% fat con­tent for a burger so it’s not too lean or too fatty.’ ‘We have “gourmet” in our name, and I don’t think you can do that un­less you’ve got high-qual­ity in­gre­di­ents to back it up,’ says Molema. ‘For ex­am­ple, all our chick­ens are Red Trac­tor-ap­proved, which means they’ve been raised with enough space to walk around in, with plenty of hay and nat­u­ral light. They’ve lived happy, stress-free lives, so their meat has far lower lev­els of cor­ti­sol [con­sump­tion of this stress hor­mone has been linked to dis­ease, fat stor­age and im­po­tence in hu­mans].’

All GBK sauces are also made in-house. ‘Most com­mer­cial sauces are packed with sugar to bal­ance their pH lev­els,’ Molema says. ‘Ours are made fresh with­out all the added sugar, which gives them a shorter shelf life but makes them far health­ier.’

This com­mit­ment to sourc­ing the best in­gre­di­ents has won GBK plenty of ad­mir­ers in the sport­ing com­mu­nity. ‘We have quite close links with the lo­cal rugby clubs in Bath and Rich­mond, and once a week af­ter train­ing, the play­ers will come down and try and outdo each other by see­ing who can eat the most burg­ers,’ he says with a smile. ‘They get through a crazy amount of food – but those guys are huge!’

BEST FAT-LOSS OP­TION A ‘go naked’ bun-free chicken burger, served with a char­grilled corn-on-the-cob and a sim­ple green salad.

BEST MUS­CLE-BUILD­ING OP­TION The ap­pro­pri­ately named Mighty, which con­tains two burger pat­ties, ma­ture ched­dar and ba­con, served with sweet potato fries and Ba­con­naise sauce – part ba­con, part mayo, all de­li­cious. gbk.com

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