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‘Sin­gle-leg work is of­ten ne­glected, but it shouldn’t be be­cause it en­sures bal­anced growth and strength gains,’ says trainer Shivam Pa­tel. ‘This work­out fo­cuses on the glutes and ham­strings, which are key for strength and power in sports. It at­tacks fast-twitch and slow-twitch mus­cles fi­bres, as well as work­ing on car­dio.’ Do as many cir­cuits as you can in 20 min­utes, try­ing not to rest. Stand with your feet shoul­der-width apart with your toes un­der the bar. Squat and take hold of the bar just out­side your shins. Push through your heels and pull the weight up your body, driv­ing your hips for­wards. Lower un­der con­trol. Aim to use your body­weight on the bar, but go lighter if you’re in­ex­pe­ri­enced.

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