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Strength Tip: sin­gle leg work shouldn’t be a max ef­fort en­deavor. Things get sloppy, and de­feats the pur­pose. Re­duce weight, do it right.

Tony Gen­til­core @tony­gen­til­core1

The US core train­ing ex­pert doesn’t want you go­ing for one-rep maxes when sin­gle-leg Ro­ma­nian dead­lift­ing If two veg­e­tar­i­ans are ar­gu­ing, is it still con­sid­ered beef?

Karl Wil­liams @Kar­lKom­mit­ted

We’ve come up with a few al­ter­na­tive terms to sug­gest to on­line coach Karl Wil­liams – but some­how call­ing it ‘Quorn’ or ‘soy’ just isn’t the same New Year’s Day lunch! What? Hot fudge sun­dae IS a food group ... At least in the Jackman’s world it is. It turns out even X-Men have cheat days, so don’t feel guilty for oc­ca­sion­ally go­ing off the reser­va­tion

Snow­ing, wind and dark, love train­ing!

Kílian Jor­net @kil­ianj

The world’s best skyrun­ner’s night­time runs up moun­tains in snow­storms make us feel pa­thetic for com­plain­ing about driz­zle dur­ing our lunchtime park runs If you meet a man with a beard who can’t dead­lift 2x body weight, you are legally al­lowed to shave it off his face with a lawn­mower.

Dan John @fakedan­john

The top US strength coach is not im­pressed by skinny ur­ban­ites try­ing to look like rugged fron­tiers­men just by chuck­ing out their ra­zors The more spe­cific you are about plan­ning your goals, the bet­ter your re­sults will be.

Joe Man­ganiello @JoeMan­ganiello

So don’t do a few biceps curls and ex­pect to build a mas­sive chest. Just look at the True

Blood star – he knows what he’s talk­ing about Be­tween sets I look around @cross­fi­tu­til­ity, I’m sur­rounded by only women do­ing cleans, jerks and snatch­ing #CrossFit #GameChanger

Dan Bai­ley @Dan_Bai­ley9

The mes­sage that lift­ing doesn’t mean women will build un­wanted bulk is fi­nally get­ting through, says this elite CrossFit­ter. Good

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