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Af­ter just a fort­night and six ses­sions, I dropped 2kg and 1% body fat. The classes are dif­fer­ent ev­ery time so you don’t get too com­fort­able and keep pro­gress­ing, and each in­volves a unique chal­lenge. In my first class it’s a max plank (I hold out for an ag­o­nis­ing 5min 18sec) and later it’s a 500m row (1min 29sec) and 1.6km run (6min 57sec).

Work­ing to Orangeth­e­ory’s heart rate zones burns a shed­load of calo­ries as long as you push your­self – but it doesn’t give you a green light or EPOC spe­cial pass to re­ward your­self at the drive-thru on the way home. If you keep your diet in check, three ses­sions a week will scorch enough calo­ries to keep you in deficit and on track to a lean body. Visit­e­ory

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