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Stay­ing healthy, for most peo­ple, is a con­fus­ing busi­ness. Blame the 24-hour news cy­cle, the rise of ‘click­able con­tent’ or what­ever else you like – the re­lent­less info-bar­rage of con­flict­ing ad­vice of­ten leads to what I’ve lit­er­ally just de­cided to call ‘fit-igue’, that weird state of ap­a­thy char­ac­terised by go­ing, ‘Oh, well, they change their minds ev­ery two weeks, don’t they? They’ll prob­a­bly de­cide cake’s healthy next.’ Then in­hal­ing a Vic­to­ria sponge.

Well, no. They don’t change their minds ev­ery two weeks. Among those who take it se­ri­ously, the prin­ci­ples – eat more veg and pro­tein, move about a bit more, don’t in­hale cake – are pretty well es­tab­lished. And that’s where Joe Wicks comes in.

Although there’s a touch of Che Gue­vara about his hair­cut, his fit­ness ideas aren’t ex­actly rev­o­lu­tion­ary. He’s all about healthy, easy-to-make meals, short, in­tense work­out ses­sions and form­ing habits that last. It’s sen­si­ble and sus­tain­able, but what’s game-chang­ing about it is the way it’s de­liv­ered. With 385,000 In­sta­gram fol­low­ers at the time of go­ing to press, Wicks is spread­ing the word in a way few fit­ness pro­fes­sion­als can. Yes, he’s mak­ing a lot of money, but he’s also giv­ing away a lot of ad­vice for free – and with no-one seem­ingly ca­pa­ble of do­ing any­thing about the obe­sity cri­sis, maybe he’s just what we need. Find out more on p50.

For men who’ve gone be­yond the self-im­prove­ment ba­sics, of course, there’s plenty more in the is­sue. We’ve been try­ing bio­hack­ing (p58), run­ning in the latest ‘max­i­mal­ist’ shoes (p44) and sub­ject­ing our­selves to chaos­based work­outs to see what works best (p139) – plus we’ve been road­test­ing the all-new FitBrit chal­lenge to en­sure that it’s a wor­thy test for the UK’s fittest peo­ple (p84). We’ve

Has Joe Wicks helped you im­prove your body and per­for­mance? Do you have a dif­fer­ent online in­spi­ra­tion? Get in touch to let us know about this or any other fit­ness is­sue @Men­sFit­nessMag

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