Push your luck

Back away from the bench. The pis­ton press gives you more sta­bil­ity with none of the draw­backs

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Among train­ers in the know, Bosu is of­ten snig­ger­ingly length­ened to Both Sides Use­less, and for good rea­son. By wob­bling atop one to do your bi­ceps curls and squats, all you’re do­ing is re­duc­ing the amount of weight you can lift, mak­ing your work­out less ef­fec­tive. Lie down, how­ever, and the per­spec­tive shifts.

‘Ev­ery­one wants to bench as much weight as they can, but that’s not great for your shoul­ders,’ says Gym Jones trainer Rob Mac­Don­ald (gymjones.com). ‘It’s bet­ter to in­crease the chal­lenge of the move, with­out lift­ing more weight, to work your mus­cles harder.’ You’ll do this via the pis­ton press, a move that forces you to brace and push at the same time. In sta­ble con­di­tion? You will be.




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