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Your first step couldn’t be sim­pler, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. ‘Turn your shower as cold as it goes,’ says writer and mo­ti­va­tional speaker Julien Smith, au­thor of The Flinch. ‘And get in it. As the cold wa­ter hits, you might shout or squirm. But the dis­com­fort lasts only a sec­ond. You get used to it. Re­mem­ber your re­ac­tion.’

There’s method in the mad­ness: Smith de­fines the ‘flinch’ as that in­stant when you leave your com­fort zone – and ar­gues that em­brac­ing it is key. ‘Your in­stinc­tive flinch will seem so un­com­fort­able that you might talk your­self out of this. You need to build a habit of see­ing the flinch and go­ing for­ward, not ra­tio­nal­is­ing your fear and step­ping away.’

Spend at least two min­utes in the shower, and keep it up for a week. Don’t worry, it does get eas­ier.

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